Thursday June 10th – Saturday June 12th

Well COVID got us again in 2021. But like most Texans, we aren’t letting that stop us! Since we can’t bring you to our annual onsite event, we’re bringing the Virtual TSP 2021 to you!

Our 3-night Virtual Event took place on the evenings of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday June 10-12th.

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2021 TSP Virtual Event will kick off on Thursday night June 10th at 7 PM CDT with a presentation by Larry Mitchell, TSP Advanced Observing Program Chairman. Following Larry we will be LIVE at The Houston Museum of Natural Science’s George Observatory  located 60 miles southwest of Houston, Texas.  Members of Fort Bend Astronomy Club will be our hosts for a night of Live Streaming Astronomical Observing.

And just like at the Ranch, on Friday and Saturday nights we have great speakers who will educate and enthrall you before you go out to do your own observing.

Presentations by:

  • David Levy – Famed Comet Hunter and Author, on A Nightwatchman’s Journey: The Road not Taken
  • Stephen J. O’Meara – Author and Astronomy Magazine Contributor, on Night Skies of Botswana
  • Karl Gebhardt – Professor of Astronomy University of Texas, on Characterizing Dark Energy with the Hobby-Eberly Telescope
  • Larry Mitchell – TSP Advanced Observing Program Chairman, on The Best of the Rest
  • Stephen Hummel – Dark Skies Specialist McDonald Observatory, on Formation of the Big Bend Area IDA Dark Skies Reserve

During each night’s presentations there will also be:

  • Online astronomy themed trivia contests with prizes to the top contenders
  • Announcements of door prize lottery drawings
  • And content submitted by you the viewer (Me and My Scope)

Yes, you can be a part of our Live Virtual Event.  Dig into your TSP memorabilia.  Find those photos and even videos of your favorite TSP moments.  Send them to us before June 2nd, and share them with the world!    Contact:

What would a TSP be without Visual Observing Challenges?
We have great 2021 observing lists including Novice, Binocular, Regular Telescope Observing , and Larry Mitchell’s Advanced Observing Program waiting for you to complete!  Get details and download them from our Virtual TSP Observing Programs webpage.

TSP and all our volunteers want to extend a very warm Thank You to all of our supporters of TSP and our First Virtual Star Party.  And a big Thank You to all the volunteers who have over the years given of their time and energy to plan and host our star party for you, our attendees.

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