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Texas Star Party, INC., is known for over 4 decades as “TSP” is a 501.c3 nonprofit Texas corporation, and a 100% volunteer supported organization.

Without our volunteer staff, the organization would not exist and neither would the TSP star party.

TSP is very fortunate to have dedicated teams of volunteers to help manage our day-to-day business as well as the planning, managing and hosting the operations of our annual star party event.

As the “premier amateur astronomer” event, TSP needs your support to help us provide “dark sky sites” for amateur astronomers and the communitie at large.

Please join our team of volunteers and  become part of our organization as a volunteer.

By volunteering, you will be a part of our continuing tradition to host “dark site” amateur astronomy events.  Founded in 1979 by Debra Byrd (Cofounder of Star Date, Earth and Sky and now EarthSky website), the first Texas Star Party was held at McDonald Observatory located in the Davis Mountains of west Texas near Fort Davis, Texas.

Texas Star Party, INC. also known as “TSP”, (Incorporated and established as a nonprofit in 1997) to serve amateur astronomers by hosting one of the largest amateur astronomer observing and educational conferences in the world.  Our continuing mission is provide educational opportunities for amateur and professional astronomers of all ages and skill level.

TSP is an organization comprised 100% volunteer suppoort.

Won’t you please consider joining with us and be part of our TSP Family?

You can make a difference! Become a TSP Volunteer! 

How Can I Help as a TSP Volunteer?

Please review the list of volunteer opportunities below and if you are interested, send an email to the Operations Manager for that activity.

Your assignment is not automatic. You will hear from the coordinator first.
Note that positions with Bold black text are presently filled and positions with Bold dark blue text are not filled. The Operations Manager for each team maintains a list of alternates. Even if the status of a team appears to be filled now, that doesn’t mean the Operations Manager has secured Team Members from years past and/or is looking for alternates.  Reach out to the Operations Manager and let him/her know you are interested.

  • There are many volunteer positions that qualify for early arrival at TSP  before Opening Day.
  • Some positions require staff to arrive even earlier.
  • There are volunteer benefits associated with each position.
  • Click on the email link of the the Operations Manager assigned to each volunteer position.
  • He/she will review your request for information and will inform you about the position, and the benefits associated with each position.
  • There are additional benefits for volunteers who commit to being on 2 or more teams.
  • Volunteers must be approved by the Operations Manager and for some positions, approval by organization’s President is needed.
  • Email your inquiry to the links for each volunteer area (if provided) or contact: President-Texas Star Party.


    • You must be approved by the President of TSP.
    • Approved early arrival volunteer staff must be assigned to at least 2 or more volunteer teams and is required to arrive as early as 2 days prior to Opening Day.
    • To satisfy the 2 or more-team participation requirement, you have to be at the venue 1 to 2 days prior to opening day and ready to perform your volunteer duties.
    • To put it another way, if you have a team assignment that requires you to be onsite at 7am on a specific morning, you need to be onsite at the venue the day before .
    • If your assignment is in the afternoon, you can arrive mid-day unless informed that you are needed to arrive earlier.
    • If you have a team assignment for opening day and you are working the Front Gate and Registration, check in/confirmation, you will need to be onsite and at the venue during the day prior to opening day.
    • A mix and match of being on different teams will provide the opportunities to get you the best benefits of volunteering and help TSP to continue to be the premier star party.
    • Only President approved volunteers will be allowed on the venue property prior to “Opening Day” of the Event.

      • This is to allow TSP volunteer staff to perform unimpeded “TSP Event Infrastructure” installations on the property and in buildings
      • If you are not approved to be on the “Event Property” prior to 1:00 pm April 5th, 2024, you will have to exit the property  and seek accommodations offsite.


Please Note:

  • Attendees who are volunteers can arrive early prior to “Opening Day” if they have been approved
  • To be on Latham Springs Camp and Retreat Center “TSP EVENT” property and have access to venue housing prior to ‘Event’s Opening Day” Friday after 1:00 pm April 5th, 2024, you must approved for Early Arrival.

Opening Day is April 5th, 2024.

Front Gate will open to admit attendees at 1:00pm Central Daylight Savings Time and not before.

This is a closed and private event.  All attendees must have purchased an “Event Pass” for TSP’s Total Solar Eclipse and Star Party to be allowed into the event.

Wristbands will be issued. They must be worn at all times.

NOTE: If you are approved for “Early Arrival” for TSP’s Total Solar Eclipse and Star Party Event scheduled to start 1:00 pm CDT, April 5th, 2024. TSP will pay for your accommodations and any meals prior to 1:00 pm CDT, April 5th, 2024. You will  only be required to pay for your accommodations and meals after 1:00 pm CDT, April 5th, 2024.

Latham Springs Camp and Retreet Center is not a public facility whereby their hotel rooms, RV sites, Camping and other lodging are made available to the general public.  You cannot arrive earlier than TSP’s contracted dates are for nor can you stay past Tuesday morning at 10:00 am CDT, April 9th, 2024. Latham Springs has other groups before TSP 2024 and after TSP 2024 to accommodate. Please do not ask if you can arrive before the event opens. But if you are a volunteer,  you will be informed when your volunteer activity is scheduled which will dictate your arrival date and time.

Thank you!
TSP Mgmt.

Volunteer Staffing Positions Where Your Contributions Make TSP A Success

  • Power Grid team – Contact TSP Operations Manager for specific benefits related to this team.
    • Qualifies for Early Arrival
    • 10 – 12 people.
    • 1st Shift-Thursday April 4th, 2024 ,7 am – 11 am: Assist with laying out power wires in observing fields.
    • 10+ people 2nd Shift-Tuesday April 9th, 2024, 7 am-10 am: Assist with coiling up power wires and other TSP equipment
    • Volunteers for the Power Grid Team must commit to assist with both the Thursday Shift and the Closing day Tuesday Shift to be accepted on the team.
  • Power Cord Inspection/Repair – Contact TSP Operations Manager for specific benefits related to this team.
    • Qualifies for Early Arrival
    • 2 people.
    • Arrival as early as Wednesday April 3rd, 2024.
    • Inspect & Repair TSP power cords
  • Safety Lighting team – Contact TSP Operations Manager for specific benefits related to this team.
    • Qualifies for Early Arrival
    • 2-3 people.
    • 1st – Thursday April 4th, 2024, 3 pm: assist with installing safety lighting on road to main field (2 hours).
    • 2nd Tuesday April 9th, 2024, 9-10 am: assist with removing from road to observing field and storing safety lighting in TSP trailer (1 hour).
  • Chalk Lines and Markings team –  Contact TSP Operations Manager for specific benefits related to this team.
    • Qualifies for Early Arrival
    • Thursday April 4th, 2024, (before TSP starts) 10 am to 12pm.
    • (Trainee) Assist with marking observing field (center of the field loading and off-loading roadway, stair pathways, and camping zones).
    • From  Friday April 5th, 2024 to Monday April 8th, 2024, touch up remarking of chalk lines on observing field.
  • Grounds Keeping – Contact TSP Operations Manager for specific benefits related to this team.
    • Qualifies for Early Arrive plus additional benefits
    • assignments to be determined.
  • RV Park – Contact TSP Operations Manager for specific benefits related to this team.
    • Must Arrive before 10am Friday Morning April 5th, 2024
    • Requires a team of 2 people Friday and Saturday, April 5th and 6th, 2024.
    • Main duty times/dates: 9am to 6:30pm April 5th and 6th, 2024.
    • Be on call throughout the week (just one person).
    • Direct Attendees with RVs confirmed to their assigned RV site and assist with positioning RV if necessary..
    • Confirming assigned attendee’s electrical hook-up amperage
    • This volunteer positoin does not require the volunteer to assist the attendee  with their RV setup.
  • Housing Team – Contact TSP Operations Manager for specific benefits related to this team.
    • Qualifies for Early Arrival plus additional benefits
    • Requires a team of 3 (Have 2 and need 2more to train).
    • Must be self-managed and a self-starter and understand that this work requires a large time commitment of the individual.
    • These are long term positions that involves a dedicated team of people who contribute their time from November and up to the opening of the event.
    • Having customer and client services experience and be very much a “people” person is desirable.
    • Positions involves interfacing with the venue (Latham Springs Camp and Retreat staff `before and during TSP event(s).
    • Benefits are determined based on the amount of time the volunteer can commit to being involved in the process of helping and working with attendees to process their housing reservations, registrations and cancellations.
  • Dark-Out Team – Contact TSP Operations Manager for specific benefits related to this team.
    • Qualifies for Early Arrival.
    • If needed: 1st Thursday April 4th, 2024, 10am to 1pm; or 2 pm to 5 pm.
    • Assist with putting foil on windows and deploying red light bulbs. (16 to 20 people, 2 teams).
    • 16 to 20+ people 2nd-Tuesday April 9th, 2024, 9 am – to 10 am: Assist with removing foil, and recovering red light bulbs. .
  • Medical volunteers  – Contact TSP Operations Manager for specific benefits related to this team.
    • 3 – 4 people (examples doctor, nurse, EMT, etc).
    • Help with various aspects of supporting emergency conditions.
    • More at In Case of Emergency.
  • Walk-thru inspection team – Contact Head of Security for a description of benefits.
    • Qualifies for Early Arrival
    • (7 people  – 1 Team Leader and Three 2 person teams: 2 per field).
    • Walk thru observing field on first two observing nights (about 1 hours each).
    • Clear observing field perimeter and center drive thru of all cars before 7:30pm each day.
    • Inspect for “White Light Violations” on and in buildings, RVs, Tents, bathroom areas, observing tents and telescope setup areas.
    • Check for Red screen filters covering computer screens (plastic as well as film) and overly bright computer screens.
    • Position requires training and has high authority for enforcement.
    • Reports to Head of Security.
  • Evening Speaker and afternoon Paper Session Emcees – Contact Operations Manager.
    • Must arrive by Friday morning to corridinate activites.
    • 2-3 people.
    • Emcee the afternoon paper sessions  and evening speaker sessions: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
  • A/V Setup – Contact TSP Operations Manager.
    • Must arrive early for training by Latham Springs Staff.
    • Manage the use of A/V equipment
    • Opening Day to Monday night Tear Down.
  • Movie Marathon – Contact Operations Manager.
  • T-shirt Design  – Contact TSP Operations Manager.
    • If your design is accepted, you will qualify for Early Arrival and you’ll get a T-shirt in your size for free.
  • T-shirt Coordinator Contact TSP Operations Manager.
    • Oversee the process of making TSP T-shirts.
    • Receive & implement designs using Photoshop or similar software.
    • Submit artwork to T-shirt vendor and coordinate shipment.
    • Free T-shirt, Registration Fee waived, and will also earn housing-drawing exemption.
    • Permanent position.
  • T-shirt Delivery – Contact Operations Manager.
    • Qualifies for Early Arrival
    • Receive a list of orders and T-shirts from supplier.
    • Package and ship t-shirts to purchasers who did not attend.
    • 2nd order runs will be drop shipped by printer.
  • Front Gate/Registration Verification Team Contact Operations Manager for special Benefits related to this team.
    • Qualifies for Early Arrival
    • (Throughout TSP week) (25+ people).
    • Large need for Opening Day Front Gate and Registration Staff.
    • Assist with greeting attendees, screening our sightseers, gate-check-in, and giving directions.
    • Volunteers will staff the Front Gate for two or more 3 hour shifts starting in the morning with 2-3 person teams per shift.
    • Your request MUST be received before 7th of March.
    • Head of Security will contact you as soon as the schedule is finalized, usually about 4 weeks before TSP.
  • Sales and Information Desk team – Contact Operations Manager.
    • Qualifies for Early Arrival
    • 16+ people.
    • Must be comfortable with using a Google Tablet to process all sales transactions using PayPal Zettle App and Zettle Credit/Debit card reader.
    • Monday afternoon and 1 hour in late afternoon all other days. Training session at 10am Friday morning at 9:30am April 5th, 2024.
  • Program team (throughout TSP week) – Contact Operations Manager.
    • QTY still to be determined.
    • Assist with ATM, Observing, and Astrophotography Contests: (trainee positions).
    • Assist gathering forms, working with judges, assembling results for presentation. for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and  Friday evening speaker sessions.
  • Group Photo – Contact Operations Manager.
    • 2 people.
    • Need a photographer, plus a trainee Monday 10:00 am – 10:20 am.
    • Everyone meets at outside bleachers for Group Photo
    • Bring your own camera/tripod.
    • Post-process work: print photo copies, package in envelope, and mail (50-80 pix).
    • Reimbursed for materials and postage
  • Making award certificates – Contact Operations Manager.
    • 2 people.
    • Design award and have them made.
    • Deliver to Event.
  • Vendor liaison – Contact Operations Manager.
    • Qualifies for Early Arrival
    • Additional benefits available
    • High profile need.
    • Contact Vendors
    • Ask for door prize donations
    • Ask Vendors to attend TSP’s Total Solar Eclipse and Star Party Event in April 2024
      • Manage the collection and deliver to Event Site all of the donated gifts for door prizes.
  • Sales set up – Contact Operations Manager.
    • Qualifies for Early Arrival
    • Thursday April 4th, 2024.
    • These volunteers will rotate in and out during the day for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday
    • (Except for 90 minutes prior to the eclipse 1st contact and 30 minutes after last contact.)
    • Sales area and vendor area will be closed on Monday April 8th, 2024 during the eclipse.
  • Art, Astrophotography and Poster Sessions displays and awards. Contact Operations Manager

    • Need 4 people.
    • 2 are current staff and 2 would be assisting them to learn from them.
  • MC + assistants for handing out door prizes – Contact Operations Manager.
    • Need 10, plus a different student each night to pick tickets out of the hat.
    • TSP 2023 will have 4 Evening Speaker nights with 4 nights of handing out Door Prizes.
  • Tables – Contact Operations Manager.
    • Qualifies for Early Arrival
    • 4 people (2 teams of 2).
    • We have to move 30+ tables to different locations as needed.
    • Vendors, Meeting Hall, Front Gate, Communications Center, Registration, Mercandise Sales, special functions etc.
    • Access to a truck or van to carry the tables is required.
  • Staff/Team LeadsContact Operations Manage
    • Long-term positions.
    • You can contribute to the longevity and continued success of TSP.
    • TSP is interested in folks who are willing to serve in leadership and advisory positions.
    • Stability is an important factor in repeating a successful event.
    • Qualified individuals are greatly needed for 2-3 or more years.
    • Contact the President-Texas Star Party.
    • In your email describe where you feel you can contribute and list your qualifications and experience.
    • Requests to serve on the TSP Board of Directors will also be considered.

When you contact us, be sure to let us know whether you are interested in helping just this year, or if you’d like to join our staff permanently!

Some positions may qualify you for early arrival before TSP starts and access to Housing . You will have to help in Saturday and Sunday setup duties. You will be approved for early arrival (subject to specific volunteer teams) only if your request is accepted by TSP President.