Vendor Application/Registration Form for TSP 2023</strong</>

Important information for Vendors to know:

  • TSP management is waiving TSP Registration Fees for up to 3 Vendor Representatives attending TSP 2023.
  • TSP has reserved 2 Bunkhouse facilities to serve as the Vendor Bunkhouse for Vendor Representatives to be lodged.  TSP Room rate is $78/person per night. Rate includes meals.
  • Vendor must designate 1 of their representatives to declare the number of display tables they will require during TSP 2023 and pay the $100/table Fee (included in this Form). While TSP is collecting the Table Fee, this is a Prude Ranch Fee. TSP management is collecting it for the Ranch.
  • If Vendor Representatives elects to lodge in the aforementioned Vendor Bunkhouse, he/she will be exempt from the Random Lottery Housing Drawing.
  • If the representative does not want to lodge in the Vendor Bunkhouse, he/she can select 3 different housing choices but will have to participate in the Random Drawing.
  • TSP Housing , based on Random Lottery Drawing Policies will select  the Vendor Applicant’s Ranch Housing from the 3 Housing choices the Applicant selected.
  • Any Vendor Representative that chooses to have accommodations offsite from the Ranch will be exempt from the Random Drawing.
  • Vendors will be allowed to hang signage around the Ranch if approved by the Operations Team.  <strong>Contact TSP management for more information, <a href=””>TSP 2023 Assistance</a></strong>
  • Main Vendor Hall is The Lodge Building
  • Other locations that the Vendor can elect to set up include The Pavilion and the North end of the Upper Field.

Covid-19 Protocols as determined by the CDC and current to TSP 2023 Week will implemented and in effect during TSP 2023 Week.


If you have any questions or need help?    Contact TSP 2023 For Assistance

TSP management and Staff look forward to seeing you at TSP 2023.