TSP Young Astronomers Fellowship Fund

As America’s first and foremost serious observing event, the TSP recognizes the severe problem with the “greying of astronomy“. 

  • Who will be coming in 20 years?  
  • Enough attendees to sustain a substantial event like TSP?

We need to find ways to help young people to get interested in astronomy.  Later as adults these young people may become amateur astronomers and even attend a future TSP event.  

The TSP Young Astronomer Fellowship Fund will help to ensure the great tradition of the Texas Star Party, for present and future generations.



Your donation can be a worthy memorial to an astronomy friend who has recently passed. As the old ones move on, we need to be sure we motivate and inspire young ones to take their place.

  • The family of Don Garland has asked that people consider a donation to recognize his efforts in promoting astronomy as a co-founder of TSP and his operation of the Noble Planetarium.
  • The family of Barbara Wilson has asked that people consider a donation to recognize her efforts in promoting astronomy to others and sharing observing experiences.



Fund Description
The Young Astronomer Fellowship Fund will be used to deliver a positive dark sky learning experience in west Texas to young people with an interest in astronomy, which may inspire them become amateur astronomers later in life. 

Focus will be on small school groups (age 14-21) where appropriate, including their educator and adult supervision.  Each young person will need to pass a pre-qualifying test in order to prepare them in advance for the observing experience.

Where possible, TSP will help to provide mentors to increase the effectiveness of the experience.

When appropriate, the funds will be used to provide educational materials and resources, and for accommodations and/or meals.  In some cases, transportation costs of the student group may be paid when justified/approved.

Qualified learning experiences may occur at any time during the year, not just during a TSP event, perhaps at nearby McDonald Observatory.


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You will be able to (optionally) specify the name of a person that’d you’d like to memorialize with your gift.

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