As America’s “Premier” amateur astronomy observing event,  Texas Star Party, Inc. recognizes that the amateur astronomy community is aging, “greying of astronomy“. 

In an effort to promote astronomy and the sciences in general to younger generations, Texas Star Party, Inc. has created our TSP Youth Outreach and John Wagoner Scholarship Initiative.  Our goal is to build a sustainable program of recruitment, education and mentoring of our younger generations to stimulate interest and a passion for amateur astronomy as a hobby and perhaps as a scientific endeavor.  TSP is poised to be a catalyst to ignite the imagination our youth to the wonders of the cosmic universe by becoming an amateur astronomer. There are many ways where amateur astronomers have contributed to our understanding of the universe. Amateur astronomers have discovered comets, asteroids, exo-planets, super nova etc.  With the advancement of visual observing/astro-imaging equipment and image processing software, amateur astronomers are making significant contributions to the science of astronomy and the understanding of our universe. Our younger generations can actively participate in many programs whereby their visual as well as astro-imaging efforts can be significant contributions to astronomy and personal growth. But if they do not know about astronomy, have never seen the Milky Way, looked through the eyepiece of a telescope to observe the Moon, a planet, the Orion Nebula, the Andromeda Galaxy etc….how can their interest be stimulated?

TSP needs your mentoring help and funding to assist TSP as we move forward in our initiative to bring amateur astronomy to our younger generations.

Today’s youth are our future (TSP’s) and also the future of amateur astronomy.

TSP is focused on developing  programs to help young people to become interested in astronomy.  The success of these programs depend on your monetary contributions and your time as a mentor. 

The TSP Youth Outreach and John Wagoner Scholarship Initiative has been established by the Board of Directors of Texas Star Party, Inc to help TSP become a leader in providing our youth with the opportunity to experience the night sky and the wonders of the universe.

But we need your help.  We need your funding and your time.  We need people who are willing to donate their time and money to help enrich a young person’s life and create a spark of curiosity that will bloom into a life long pursuit and passion for astronomy.

The future of amateur astronomy and the Texas Star Party as an attendee event is dependent upon recruiting younger generations into amateur astronomy. TSP needs your help to pursue these goals.  Please give generously of your time and money. 

Together we can continue to serve the amateur astronomy community and be of service to our youth.

Memorials Donations:

Your donation can be a worthy memorial to an astronomy friend who has recently passed. As the old ones move on, we need to be sure we motivate and inspire young ones to take their place.

    • The family of Don Garland has asked that people consider a donation to recognize his efforts in promoting astronomy as a co-founder of TSP and his operation of the Noble Planetarium.
    • The family of Barbara Wilson has asked that people consider a donation to recognize her efforts in promoting astronomy to others and sharing observing experiences.
  • The family of John Wagoner has asked that people consider a donation to recognize John’s contributions over the course of his life in many facets of amateur astronomy: TSP General Observing Programs, contributions to the amateur astronomy community, mentoring of many astronomers, leadership involvement in many astronomy organizations and his promoting of astronomy astronomy to the community at large.


The TSP Youth Outreach and John Wagoner Scholarship Initiative will be used to develop a positive experience to serve as a gateway into amateur astronomy for our younger generations.

Please support TSP’s Youth Outreach and John Wagoner Scholarship Initiative!

You will be able to (optionally) specify the name of a person that’d you’d like to acknowledge with your gift.

Donate Today (using your Credit Card or Paypal) to help TSP bring astronomy and the universe to young people!