TSP Vendors Information

The Texas Star Party is an excellent opportunity to show amateur astronomers your merchandise and make sales of your products.  Our attendees look forward to touring the various vendor displays throughout TSP week.  Increase awareness of your company and your products!  These same attendees are returning to their homes (including many countries throughout the world), and lettering their friends know what they see at TSP – extending your reach to a worldwide audience.

New starting this year!

  • Vendors will not have to pay TSP Registration Fees
  • Vendors will be exempt from TSP Random Lottery for Covered Housing on the Ranch if he vendors will accept Vendor Bunkhouse accommodations
  • Vendors will still have to pay the Ranch for their representative’s Ranch accommodations
  • Vendors can elect to choose other Ranch accommodations but will have to be included in the Random Lottery along with TSP attendees
  • Vendors choosing Tent/Dry camping or offsite accommodations are exempt from the TSP Random Lottery
  • Vendors who request to arrive to setup their vendor area on Saturday prior to Opening Sunday will be approved for Early Saturday Arrival and Saturday night accommodations on the Ranch
  • Vendors must attend all 7 days of TSP hosted star party

What Benefits do Vendors gain by Attending TSP 2023?

  • Access: Direct access to your targeted market and have the buying power to purchase your products and solutions onsite during TSP
  • Exposure: TSP is the premier star party amateur event providing each vendor with one-on-one selling and demonstration opportunities with the potential to market to  400 plus onsite attendees
  • TSP attendees have the discretionary funds to purchase very expensive telescope systems
  • TSP attendees are your targeted market and they buy, upgrade and replace their equipment as their needs and goals grown and change
  • They are:
    • Knowledgeable
    • Experienced
    • Goal oriented (personal and scientific)
    • Have tremendous buying power
  • Attendees provide you the vendor the opportunity for you to showcase/demonstrate your products and solutions in a hands-on environment
    • Inside the Vendor Hall (The Lodge building)
    • On the Upper Observing Field – day and night
  • TSP Attendees look forward to visiting with vendors while exploring their options to upgrade their equipment to the latest state of the art technology you provide and they will purchase onsite
  • Additional exposure is provided to the vendors during TSP’s social media presence during the star party and especially during the evening guest speakers presentations and the door prize Great Texas Giveaway
  • These livestreamed sessions are saved and are available for later viewing via social media and various streaming channels
  • TSP publishes a list all supporting vendors on Texas Star Party, Inc’s website “Vendors Kudos” to show appreciation to TSP loyal and supportive vendors
  • Attendees with an online social presence will share their experiences with the products vendors have brought to or donated to the star party to their followers, thereby increasing your market presence
  • Attendees will go home and share their experience with your products at TSP 2023 to
    • friends
    • family members
    • their peers
    • at organization meetings
    • public outreach events
    • field days
    • amateur and professional astronomical organization meetings, conferences and trade shows
    • and on online social media.

The financial investment for your company to attend and to donate items to a TSP hosted star party is the cost of a single month’s 1/6th of a page to a full-page Ad in one of the major astronomy magazines.

Vendor Fee(s)

  • Starting with TSP 2023, your representatives will be exempt from having to pay the TSP Registration Fee.
  • Vendors will need to pay a $100 per table space rental charge to show case their products and solutions to TSP Attendees.
    • This is a Ranch Fee and not a TSP fee
    • Tables are provided by the Ranch (3’ x 6’) or you can bring your own tables
    • Vendors are renting the table space and not the actual table
    • Consider the rent as booth space at a technical conference

Vendor’s TSP Registration

  • Vendors will be required to submit an online TSP Vendor specific Registration form for each of their staff that will represent their company.
    • In the comments section of the individual representative’s registration form, all vendor representatives must list every representative who is attending and representing their company
    • This is needed to assign vendor representative’s accommodations in the same building (TSP Housing cannot guarantee this but will work to that goal)
  • Only 1 vendor representative must be declared to be in charge entering how many vendor tables their company will need
  • Vendor’s representatives will be required to agree to the same terms and conditions and covid-19 requirements as the attendees


  • The vendors facilities will open at 10:00 a.m.to 12:00 a.m., and from 1:30 p.m.to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.


  • Vendors will be assigned their table space on a first come basis determined by the time/date their initial registration form is submitted

Vendor Halls and Live Demonstration Stations

  • The main vendor hall will be the Lodge building which is located north of the Upper Observing Field








    • Amenities include
      • Air Conditioning
      • All doors have locks
      • Is secure
      • Easy access for off-load and loading
      • Short Distance to Upper Field
  • Secondary Vendor Hall (if needed due to the Lodge reaching capacity) The Pavilion

  • Amenities include
    • Just north of the Middle Field
    • Closer to Vendor Bunkhouse buildings
    • Closer to the Ranch dining hall
    • Easy Access for off-loading and loading
    • Building has security system and locks

Live Demonstration stations on the Upper Field

  • Vendors may elect to setup Live Demonstration Stations on the Upper Field
  • Amenities include
    • Electricity provided from the Field Power Grid as well as 2 20 amp outlets located at Northwest corner of the Upper Field
      • Use of Field Power Grid is limited to providing power for telescope and related accessories.
      • No fans, heaters, light, sound systems, essentially the same limitations as applied to TSP attendees
      • No generators

Additional information will be provided upon request. Questions? Contact us at send an e-mail.
A TSP representative will contact you to assist you.

Thank you for your support in past years and continued support in the years ahead.

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