TSP Vendors Information

TSP Vendors Information

The Texas Star Party is an excellent opportunity to show amateur astronomers your merchandise and make sales of your products.  Our attendees look forward to touring the various vendor displays throughout TSP week.  Increase awareness of your company and your products!  These same attendees are returning to their homes (including many countries throughout the world), and lettering their friends know what they see at TSP – extending your reach to a worldwide audience.

What Benefits do Vendors gain by Attending TSP 2022?

  • TSP 2022 Attendees are  your Target Market.
  • TSP 2022 is the Premier Star Party Amateur Event providing each Vendor with one one one selling opportunities with potentially 400 plus attendees. Attendees who are eager to purchase.
  • TSP 2022 Attendees are knowledgeable, experienced, goal oriented, and have buying power.
  • TSP 2022 will provide Vendors the opportunities to showcase products and solutions in a hands-on environment.
  • Dedicated areas on the Upper Field will be made available for Vendors to provide Live Demonstrations during the day and throughout the night.
  • Many TSP Attendees come to TSP with the intent to purchase your products. Some will tow a cargo trailer to return home with that very large telescope that they have always wanted.
  • TSP 2022 Attendees with a Online Social Presence will broadcast to their followers their experiences with the products Vendors have brought to TSP 2022. Increased Market Presence.
  • TSP 2022 Attendees will go home and talk-up your products to friends, family members at their peers at meetings of their many Astronomy  Organizations and on online social media.


  • The Prude Ranch features a closed structure we call the “Lodge”.
  • The Lodge has several rooms that can accommodate many vendors.
  • Assignment of spaces is by the designated TSP vendor liaison on the TSP staff.
  • The Lodge has air conditioning and several doors.
  • Off-hours, the doors are locked for merchandise security.
  • The Lodge is located at the upper field and is accessible by vehicles for off-loading and loading of your products.

If the number of Vendors exceeds the space available in the lodge, the Pavilion is also available.  The Pavilion is an open girder structure with a metal roof on a large concrete slab (53’ x 40’) and has ceiling fans instead of air conditioning. It is also locked in off-hours and has an Active Security System for security.  The Pavilion is located north of the  middle field with access by vehicles for off-loading and loading of equipment.   TSP intends to use the Lodge as first choice and keep the Pavilion in reserve if needed.

Vendor Fee(s):

  • Vendors will pay a per table rental charge to show case their products and solutions to TSP Attendees. Tables are provided by the Ranch (3’ x 6’).
  • TSP requests vendors not to bring their own tables, unless prior arrangements are made through the TSP vendor liaison.
  • The rental of tables is $100 per table, which represents space rental in the Lodge, the Pavilion and Vendor Demonstration Area(s) regardless of whether you the Vendor bring your own table(s) or the Ranch provides the tables.
  • The Pavilion will be brought into service if additional Vendor space is needed.

Vendor’s TSP Registration and Registration Fees:

  • Vendors will be required to submit TSP Applications for each of their staff that will represent their company to attend and have their Housing Accommodations assigned.
  • Each Vendor representative will have to meet all of the requirements TSP requires of TSP Attendees.
  • This includes providing required Covid-19 Negative molecular PCR Tests results as described in the Application or voluntarily providing CDC Proof of Convid-19 Vaccination Card in an upload with the Application Form.
  • Your representatives(s) must  agree to and sign TSP Covid-19 Waivers/General Liability Releases and Covid-19 Mitigation Protocols.
  • Vendors will be notified of their Housing Assignment and will be required to submit their Registration and Registration Fee Payment as per TSP Vendor Registration Fee Schedule on or before April 15, 2021.
  • If after submitting registration and related Fees for their representatives the Vendor needs to substitute in a different representive, please contact TSP Housing to coordinate your providing your substitute’s required documents to meet TSP protocols and policies.


  • The vendors facilities will open at 10:00 a.m.to 12:00 a.m., and from 1:30 p.m.to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.


The Texas Star Party is an excellent opportunity to show amateur astronomers your merchandise and generate sales of your products.  Our attendees look forward to touring the various vendor displays throughout TSP week.

Increase Awareness of your company and its products! 

TSP attendees will return to their homes (including many countries throughout the world), and discuss with their friends what they experienced at TSP, extending your reach to a worldwide audience!

Become a 2022 TSP Sponsor !

  • You can become a TSP Sponsor for the year in a variety of ways, including
  • A donation of over $500 to Friends of TSP (upon your request submitted below)
  • Donation of qualifying doorprize(s) over $1,000  given away at the Great Texas Giveaway
  • Cash or other donation over $500 specifically to help us fund an Evening Speaker, or other activities for our attendees.
  • TSP Sponsor Request Form

Up to six days for selling!

Setting up your Vendor Area:

  • You can set up your own table(s) Monday through Saturday of TSP week.
  • You may arrive any time starting Sunday noon and set up your display in the designated display area during daylight hours. 
  • There is no set up nor lights allowed during nighttime observing hours.

How to Participate as a Vendor

  1. To send a sales representative you need to:
    • Have your sales representative(s) register to attend TSP
      • Set up your TSP user Accountand submit a TSP Registration/Reservation Request Form  online
      • Select “TSP Vendor” option, and answer questions including how many tables you plan on setting up.
      • Wait for your TSP Request Form confirmations as attendee (sent in February or early March).  Then you can submit your TSP Registrationonline (use link on My TSP Account page) and pay your Registration fees.
      • Pay your accommodation deposit directly to the Prude Ranch
  2. TSP vendor fee is $100.00 per table (equivalent to Vendor/Exhibitor Space Fee) which is separate from your TSP registration fee. This entitles you to a six-foot-long table in the vendor display area. The Ranch will provide the tables or bring your own if you prefer but you still pay the per table fee. Space will be allocated on a first-come – first served.
  3. Texas Sales Tax Permit Required
    • Sales tax should be collected on all retail sales.
    • All vendors are required to have Texas sales permits.
    • For information on the sales tax and the procedure for obtaining a sales tax permit call, (800) 252-5555.
    • You can also apply online at Texas Online Tax Registration Application.
    • There is no fee for the permit.
    • sales tax report is required to be filed with the state showing the sales and sales tax collected.
    • Since failure to abide by the sales tax requirements could jeopardize the tax status of TSP and would be unfair to those retailers who do abide by the law, any vendor not in compliance will be subject to removal without notice.
  4. Need to ship items to the Ranch?
    • We recommend shipping 2-3 weeks before TSP to:
      TSP Vendor c/o Prude Ranch, 201 Prude Ranch Guest Rd, Fort Davis, Texas 79734 
    • Please clearly mark the box with the name of your company and who will be picking it up.
    • It is anticipated that all shipments will be maintained at the Ranch Front Office until the appropriate person from your company picks it up.
    • If the retail value of your single donated door prize has a retail value greater than $750, TSP will print and post signage of the top door prizes in the vendor display area and at the entrance to the dining hall.
    • Signage will include your logo and picture of the item (both provided by you) in a prominent manner.
    • If the retail value of multiple items is over $500, we will include your logo (provided by you) and a listing of the door prizes on the signage described above.
    • TSP will also include your logo and a link to your website on our TSP Vendor Donors page through February of the following year.
    • For an additional fee of $75.00 over and above your door prize donation described above, TSP will display your product brochures (which you are responsible to ship to the Prude Ranch) on a table inside the auditorium as appropriate throughout the week, or until it is exhausted.

Questions? Contact us at send an e-mail