TSP Officers, Board of Directors, Honorary Directors, Advisors and Operations Management Team

TSP Officers:

TSP officers provide senior leadership to the organization. They serve in terms of office as detailed in the Bylaws of the organization and their duties and responsibilities are also defined in the organization’s Bylaws. They are voted into their positions by the Board of Directors. Some positions require the person be on the Board of Directors and some do not. They also serve in the capacity as required by the State of Texas Statutes and Business Codes.

TSP Officers are:

George Ellis-Chairman of the Board and Director on the Board, McKinney
Karl S. Baltz, Sr.-President and Director on the Board, Bay City
Anne Adkins-Secretary and Director on the Board, San Antonio
Ted Saker-Treasurer and Director on the Board, Columbus

TSP Board of Directors

Including TSP Officers, there are currently 12 Directors on the TSP Board of Directors. TSP Directors are chosen to bring a broad base of skills, personal and professional experiences to the organization Their broad knowledge of astronomy and technical expertise in many different domains help set the vision and mission of the organization. While their backgrounds are very diverse they all share a passion for astronomy and Texas Star Party. While the majority of our Directors are from Texas, we do have Directors from other states.  Of course we have made them Honorary Texans.  Each director has shown a commitment to the TSP event, through their volunteerism and familiarity with the operations, philosophy of TSP, and willingness to preserve the fundamentals that make TSP successful. Our Directors do not just sit on the Board but are very active in supporting and running of TSP star parties. The passion and energy each contributes to the organization and to the “Star Party” each year is a testament to why TSP as an organization and the “Annual TSP Star Party” is such a draw and successful event.

The Board of Directors of TSP sits as the organization’s governance body and maintains the organization’s vision and mission.

TSP Board of Directors

  • Steve Goldberg, Houston
  • Steve Coleman, Van Alstyne
  • Allen Gilchrist, Ft Davis
  • Rick Kirchhof, Llano
  • Rene Gedaly, Crystal Beach
  • Christina Legrand, Albuquerque
  • Don Jarvis, Conroe
  • Director Position Open (TBD)
  • (Including the Officers listed above)

Honorary Directors

  • Deborah Byrd, Austin
  • Amelia Goldberg, Houston
  • John Wagoner*, Plano


Board Advisors

  • Will Young, Groves
  • Jerry Gardner, Fort Worth

TSP Operations Management Team

The operation and management of day to day business of the organization and each year’s TSP event is handled by this committee:

  • Karl S. Baltz, Sr., President of Operations  (Bay City, Texas)
  • Rick Kirchhof (Llano, Texas)
  • Scott Mitchell (Houston, Texas)
  • Ted Saker (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Will Young (Groves, Texas)
  • Rene Gedaly, Crystal Beach
  • Christina Legrand, Albuquerque
  • Don Jarvis, Conroe
  • Jerry Gardner, Forth Worth

This is the main management team of the Texas Star Party, Inc.. The team is responsible for managing the day to day business affairs of the organization.  This includes the planning, organizing, running and managing our Annual Star Party Event, and all of the volunteers that host our annual Texas Star Party at Prude Ranch outside of Fort Davis, Texas.  Each manager oversees and manages the various sub-committees comprised of volunteers that perform the work assignments needed to host the Annual Star Party.

The list below is a partial listing of the many areas where volunteers are utilized to perform the various work assignments needed to host our annual star party. This is not an all inclusive list of areas where volunteers are needed. The management team adds to this list as the need arises. Some are active all year round and some just during what we consider our TSP Event season.

  • Dark-Out (foil and lights)
  • Electronic Communications, Ham Radio, Emergency Response
  • Event Information (Weather Satellite, FM Radio)
  • Front Gate and Security
  • Guest Speakers (evening talks)
  • Paper Sessions (daytime talks)
  • Power Distribution (electricity in fields)
  • Programs – Observing, ATM, Astrophotography
  • Publications & Printing
  • Ranch Reservations
  • Registration
  • Tours
  • Vendors & Door Prizes
  • Youth recruitment: K-12 and Tertiary Education students
  • Live Streaming Broadcast during TSP Event and periodic Live Virtual Events.
  • Public Outreach
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Field Inspection for Trip Hazards, White Light Violations, Red Filters on Computer Screens, non-authorized electronic equipment using Power Grid.
  • Group Photo
  • Covid19/Declared Pandemic Protocols
  • Health, Medical and Safety Personnel
  • Texas Star Party Spouses and Family
  • Astrophotography and Art Competition