Texas Star Party, Inc.


Texas Star Party, Inc. is a Texas Non-Profit Corporation, formed in 1997, when it became clear to the TSP founders and volunteers that TSP needed the protections that are afforded corporations, including protecting the name and custodianship of the organization.

TSP has also been granted Non-Profit status by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) Corporation, for educational and scientific purposes, since March 1997.

TSP works with other organizations, including The University of Texas McDonald Observatory and the Southwest Region of the Astronomical League, to implement the annual event. Many of its volunteers are also members of SWRAL astronomy clubs.



The primary purpose of this Corporation is to promote the science of Astronomy through various educational activities which:

  • Encourage visual and instrumented astronomical observing,
  • Enhance theoretical and practical understanding of astronomy,
  • Encourage individuals to design and produce astronomical-related equipment, including telescopes and innovative accessories,

and to ensure the future of astronomical observing by encouraging the preservation of night-time dark skies.


Board of Directors:

Directors are chosen to bring a broad spectrum of viewpoints of the amateur astronomy community from across Texas. Each director has shown a commitment to the TSP event, through their volunteerism and familiarity with the operations and philosophy of TSP, and willingness to preserve the fundamentals that make TSP successful.

The primary responsibility of the Board of Directors is to define and enforce the general policies for the TSP event, and to provide a decision-making body when the TSP operations officials need guidance regarding the direction or future directions of TSP.

Executive Board (TSP Founders)

  • George Ellis, McKinney
  • Steve Goldberg, Houston
  • <open seat>

General Board

  • Anne Adkins, Ft Davis
  • Karl Baltz, Houston
  • Steve Coleman, Van Alstyne
  • Luanne Cullen, Austin
  • Allen Gilchrist, Ft Davis
  • Rick Kirchhof, Austin
  • David Moody, Plano
  • John Wagoner, Plano
  • <open seat>

Honorary Directors

  • Deborah Byrd, Austin
  • Amelia Goldberg, Houston

Board Advisors

  • Gary Carter, Fairview
  • Dana Lambert, Houston
  • Chris Ober, Cibolo
  • Becky Ramotowski, Tijeras, NM
  • Ted Saker, Columbus, OH
  • Don Selle, Spring Branch


TSP Operations Committee:

The operation of each year’s TSP event is handled by this committee, which is presently led by Karl Baltz (Houston), Chris Ober (Cibolo, TX), and Don Selle (Spring Branch, TX). This committee has various sub-committees and teams which handle the various work assignments, including:

  • Dark-Out (foil and lights)
  • Electronic Communications & Ham Radio
  • Event Information (Weather Satellite, FM Radio)
  • Front Gate and Security
  • Guest Speakers (evening talks)
  • Paper Sessions (daytime talks)
  • Power Distribution (electricity in fields)
  • Programs – Observing, ATM, Astrophotography
  • Publications & Printing
  • Ranch Reservations
  • Registration
  • Tours
  • Vendors & Door Prizes


“Friends of TSP” and Donations

One of our primary sources of funds is through donations to our “Friends of TSP” fund. Read about  Friends of TSP.