Donate to TSP Today!

As America’s first and foremost serious observing event, the TSP remains an unparalleled opportunity to observe and photograph the magnificent dark skies of the Southwest. Keeping this special tradition alive for many years to come is the highest priority of the volunteers who host the TSP.

Clearly, the TSP’s future success relies heavily on our access to the kind of remote, dark-sky environment that we have enjoyed these past twenty years.

That is why we have established a number of “Donation Programs” that  you can contribute to that will have long lasting impact.

These “Programs” that you can make donations to include:

Friends of TSP Program-These donations are set aside to provide Texas Star Party, Inc. to build a “Rainy Day Fund” to acquire property to develop a TSP owned star Party site.

John Wagoner Memorial Award Program-Established to honor and remember the contributions that John Wagoner made over the course of his lifetime in service to the community at large and as a mentor to amateur astronomers, young and old.

Youth Outreach Program-Established to support, mentor and to provide astronomy education to all level of education regardless of the age of the individual for we are all young at heart.

TSP Operations Program-Established to offset the expenses incurred each  year to run the organization and TSP star parties and related events.

Stars End Program-Established to a venue to memorialize those who we have lost and in making a donation in their name, they will always be remembered.

1. Conveniently make your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE $20, $30, $100 donation when you register for TSP.

2. Make a donation on though PayPal Giving Fund.

3. Recognize a deceased amateur astronomer friend, by adding their name to our Stars End memorial webpage.

4. Learn more about Adding TSP to Your Will or Trust.

Donations to Texas Star Party are tax-deductible, as an IRS 501(c)(3) organization  for educational and scientific purposes.