– W5TSP REPEATER 442.8+, pl 110.9 –

Yaesu System Fusion (Analog or C4FM digital)


Radio Building, source of TSP radio, weather data, internet, ham radio, and TSP communications. During TSP week, TSP hams operate a fixed station, W5TSP at the Prude Ranch, site of the week-long Texas Star Party event. This station has a Mosley PRO-96 Yagi, 160 thru 20m Saturn dipole, 2-ele 30m Yagi, and various VHF/UHF antennas mounted to a Rohn 70′ SSV tower installed by TSP staff. The station operates 160 meters through 70cm.





On-Site Communications –

W5TSP REPEATER 442.8+, pl 110.9-  Yaesu System Fusion (Analog or C4FM digital)
Attendees: FRS/GMRS Ch6 Sub0
TSP Staff: GMRS Ch15 Sub11

Read about the TSP Emergency Network – Use our REPEATER (442.8+, pl 110.9-)
Emergency Response Drill – Possible Test during the week – Use our REPEATER (442.8+, pl 110.9-)
Daily Net – 2 PM daily – Use our REPEATER (442.8+, pl 110.9-)

On-The-Air operation of the TSP Prude Ranch Station runs Sunday  through Saturday. Due to other responsibilities of the TSP ham radio staff and the availability of attending hams, operation may be spotty. Remember, this is a star party and the emphasis is staying up when it is dark to pursue the wonders of the night sky, and sleeping the morning away.

TSP 2020 EVENTS – (See details below)

HF Mobile Operations: Friday April 22nd,  Sunday May1st

TSP Talk-In: Saturday April23 through Sunday May 1st

Welcome W5TSP Guest operators: Find a W5TSP Radio Staff Member

HF Mobile Operations

Amateur Radio Operators are invited to communicate with TSP Ham Radio Staff and other Hams traveling to and from the TSP. While TSP Staff will be traveling Friday April 22nd and returning home Sunday May 1st, other Hams will be traveling throughout TSP week. This will be informal operations among TSP staff amateurs. All hams traveling to attend TSP as well as all other Hams are invited to participate. While traveling, TSP Staff will be operating HF and VHF. HF mobile operating frequencies and (informal) schedule is:

  • Most likely Mobile band -40 Meters: 7.215 (alt 7.218, 7.221, 7.224)
  • If on 20 meters: 14.238 (alt 14.241, 14.244 and 14.247)
  • Listen for TSP Staff: W5TSP, WB4GHY, W5VMD, W5CWO, W5SOG, KF5IIL, N5BFB, K5BLZ, NG5V, ND5IIL, W5DKC, K5VKC,  N5EG, W5BC, KV3TBK, K9CML, K5WUL, K5NCH (SK) and others

VHF / UHF operations will primarily be through:

  1. TSP’s Yaesu FT1D Digital Repeater W5TSP (442.800, +5, 110.9)
  2. Big Bend ARC (BBARC) System (https://www.bigbendarc.com/repeaters/)
  3. West Texas Connection (https://w5qgg.org/wp/west-texas- connection/)

(!! PLEASE read and observe operating guidelines for these linked systems !! )

TSP Talk-In

W5TSP HAMS will monitor our W5TSP 442.8 (pl 110.9) repeater as well as the BBARC repeater system and/or 146.52 MHz as much as possible. TSP attendees are encouraged to do the same. Repeater will not be active prior to Sunday April 24th . Use 146.52 instead.

W5TSP Special Events Station

Amateurs around the world are invited to contact W5TSP’s Special Events Station.
Special Events operations will commence Tuesday and runs through Saturday.  An astronomically-themed QSL card will be sent to those that send an SASE to W5TSP (QSL via W5CWO – 213 Simmons Dr., Coppell, TX. 75019)

W5TSP will operate near the following frequencies:

  • 40m 7.250
  • 20m 14.255
  • 17m 18.158
  • 15m 21.355
  • 10m 28.455
  • 6m 50.125

Who is W5TSP:

W5TSP is the adjunct amateur radio station for the Texas Star party operated during the week of TSP. For pictures of past TSP’s visit:

View Past Pictures of TSP

W5TSP Location data

W5TSP is physically located on the historic Prude Ranch: A guest ranch in the Davis Mountains of West Texas near Fort Davis, Texas.

Grid Square: DM80
County: Jeff Davis

Latitude: 30 36’ 39” N
Longitude: 103 57’ 02” W
Ground Elevation: 5100’

6 northwest of Fort Davis, Texas on State Highway 118
10 miles east of the University of Texas’ McDonald Observatory on State Highway 118
65 miles SW of Ft Stockton, Texas
175 miles SE of El Paso, Texas
140 miles SW of Midland and Odessa, Texas

Time Standard: Central Daylight Savings Time (CDST) (UTC -5)

Contact via    w5tsp@texasstarparty.org    (not always monitored)  


Texas Star Party QSL cards

(All photographs were taken at the Texas Star Party)

Trifid and Lagoon Nebulas at TSP

TSP 2008 Milky Way thru Pro-96

TSP Western horizon thru PRO-96


TSP 2007 “North Star” (Polaris) thru Pro-96

TSP 2000 “False Comet” in Scorpius

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