The Official TSP 2023 T-Shirt!
This graphic design is for our T-Shirts for TSP 2022. We have not chosen the TSP 2023 design. We will post up the design for the T-Shirts for TSP 2023 in November-December. Please check back at that time.

TSP 2023 T-Shirts will be available for purchase when you register for TSP 2023 beginning in February 2023 and pay your registration fee(s). You can select your size(s) and quantity of the T-Shirts you want when you complete your registration form.   Prices have not been determined at this time.

Placing and paying for your T-Shirt order at the time of you completing your registration ensures that your T-Shirt(s) will be waiting for you to pick up when you go to the Meeting Hall to pick up your Name badge.

The Official TSP T-Shirt!

Can’t leave TSP without one! How else can you prove to your friends that you attended TSP 2023?  Photos you answer!  Oh my friend, any cell phone app can drop you into a scene!  No, the only way to really prove you attended TSP 2023 is to buy your very own TSP 2023 Official T-Shirt!

Don’t be that, “I should have bought a T-Shirt” person!

Buy your T-Shirt when you register!