TSP 2023 Application 1st Page FYI/Instructions

This is a Reference-FYI Page. It is a copy of the 1st page of the Application Form used to submit your request to attend TSP 2023.

This page is for information purposes only. It is a duplicate of the 1st page of the Application To Attend TSP 2023 which guides the applicant through the 8 pages of the application. Each page is separated into specific areas that require your agreement, choices and/or information entry:

  • Page 1. Application Instructions/Information (Read Only)
  • Page 2. Primary Account Holder Information and Legal – Waiver/Releases/Mitigation Protocols
  • Page 3. Primary Applicant: Your personal Covid-19 Screening
  • Page 4. Type of Application -Individual or Family
  • Page 5. Are you a Vendor
  • Page 6. Dates for nights you will stay
  • Page 7. Are you a HAM Radio Operator
  • Page 8. Housing Choices

There is a link to the application at the bottom of this page. Please submit your application online using This Web Based TSP 2023 Application Form.

Welcome to the Texas Star Party, Inc. TSP 2023 Star Party Application Form.

This application is for individuals and families who are requesting to attend TSP 2023. There is no Group Application form.

Persons applying can use any electronic device that can connect to the internet to submit their application and will allow the uploading of PDF and JPEG documents. These electronic devices include your computer and/or your smart cell phone. Documents that need to be uploaded with the application must be scanned or digitally photographed in order to create the digital file of the hard copy version of the document. It is recommended that you use your Smart Cell Phone to complete and submit your application if you intend to voluntarily provide your current CDC Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination Card. Using a smart cell phone allows for the captured image to be stored on the cell phone and/or photographed while completing the application. Using one’s smart cell phone eliminates the need to scan and save on a computer. It is the applicant’s choice as to which method is used to capture the document, complete and submit their application. The only document that is in need of being uploaded is the CDC Proof of Current Covid-19 Vaccinations Card. And that is only required if you make that selection. This upload option is on “Page 3” of the application.

When you select “Choose File” to upload your vaccination card, your cell phone should present to you the options of “Camera” and other “folders” from which you can choose your CDC Proof of Vaccination Covid-19 vaccination file, if you have previously captured an image/photo of your proof of vaccination card.

If you choose “Camera”, your “CAMERA APP” will open and you can take a photo of your CDC vaccination Card.

That file will post up on the “Application Page” and will upload when you submit your application.

Please read the information on this page and visit the linked pages on our Home Page that are provided for your reference. We have made changes to our rules, polices, procedures and waivers/liability releases and it is very important that you and any attending family members (if you are submitting a “Family” Application) are familiar with TSP’s waiver, liability releases, rules, policies, procedures and Covid-19 Screening and Safety protocols.

You must complete and submit our “TSP 2023 Application To Attend” on or before January 5, 2023.

Once you have read the information below, you will find the “Next” option at the bottom of this page to start your Application form.

Please understand you must enter all required information for each page before you can advance to the next page. It is recommended that you review all of your entered information as you complete each page before you click on the “Next” button. You can return to previous steps if you need to review/change selections by clicking on “Previous” before you submit your application. But after clicking on Submit Your Application button on page 8, you cannot change your application. Only TSP Staff can change your application from that point forward.

After you have submitted your Application, contact TSP Staff if you need to make changes or have any questions about your application or TSP 2023 in general.

After you have submitted your Application you will receive an email confirming your Application Submission. This is not a Confirmation to Attend TSP 2023.

You will receive an email between February 15th to 20th, 2023 to inform you of your status (confirmed or not) and housing assignment, providing your housing preference is available. After February 20th, 2023, you will be able to register and pay your registration fee for TSP 2023. Please register and pay on or before April 14, 2023. A $50/person late fee will be added to any registration fee paid after April 14th, 2023. Your best value is to register and pay before April 14th, 2023. After April 14th, 2023 any Registration Fees are non-refundable.
Registration Fee Schedule can be found here

You must submit your registration and registration fee payments using our Online Web Based System on or before April 15, 2023. This is a hard deadline – please complete your registration by this date! Also, please be aware that TSP will no longer process event registrations and registration payments “onsite” at the Prude Ranch during the TSP. If you come out to TSP 2023 unregistered, we will have to decline your “onsite” request to attend our TSP 2023 Star Party. .

This Application form will enter you into our TSP 2023 Random Drawing. This drawing determines if you will attend and your housing accommodation assignment for TSP 2023. By conducting a Random Drawing of the Applications requests, TSP Housing can fairly assign the ranch’s available housing accommodations. If you do not obtain:

  • your ranch housing preference
  • you are waitlisted

you can contact TSP Housing and elect to obtain housing offsite.

Please scroll down to the bottom of each page to ensure you are entering all of the required information to complete your application. If there are missing entries, you will receive an “Error Message”. Your application can only be submitted via this TSP Website Online form. TSP is no longer accepting mail-in applications.

Before you open the online application, please check/verify your TSP account profile for missing information: edit your account.

If you do not have a TSP account you can create your login account here.

The information contained below is not the Application form. This is an outline of the Application. The Application will not start until you advance to the next page.

There are 8 Pages for you to complete in our Application Each page will offer different required information entry opportunities based on what you select. The initial information presented is based on the default choice displayed. If the displayed choice is not what you want, please select the other choice or choices. New information and new entry opportunities will open up based on the choice you have selected. You cannot advance to the next page until all required information is entered for the choices you have selected.

The Application Outline

Page 1. Application information and instructions. This is the page you are on right now. “Page 1 of 8 – TSP 2023 Application Information”

Page 2. Lists the Primary Account Holder Information and Emergency Contact information. Additional requirement.

  • Primary Applicant must read, “click to” accept, and enter their name to digitally sign TSP’s “I agree to TSP 2023 COVID 19 Waiver, General Liability Release, and COVID Mitigation Protocols Agreement. You will also be required to provide a completed and signed paper copy to either the TSP Front Gate Team, Prude Ranch Front Office Team or the TSP Registration Team

Page 3. Primary Applicant: Your personal COVID Screening Choice
You choose 1 of 2 Choices.

  • I prefer to voluntarily upload a Current COVID Vaccination Card for myself.
  • I will provide the required NEGATIVE molecular PCR (mPCR test or CDC equivalent) Test as per instructions.

Page 4. Is this application for one person or for a family?
1 of 2 Choices

  • Individual (single persons and all Vendors must use this option)
  • Family (not to be used for Groups or Vendors)

There is no “Group Option” to apply to attend.
All Vendors and Vendor support staff and anyone accompanying a Vendor must submit their own “Individual Application”. Do not use “Family”.
Choosing “Family” will allow you to Add Additional Attendees. This is for Family Applications only and not for Individual Applications.

Page 5. Are you a vendor?
If you want to exhibit/sell at TSP, you need to select YES below.

  • Yes
  • No

Selecting “Yes” will open additional entry options.
Each Vendor staff person and any family accompanying must submit an Individual Application. Do not use a Family Application.

Page 6. Dates for nights you will stay (Also include if staying off site)

  • Are you willing to arrive on a different day?
  • Are you flexible on the days you will stay?

Page 7. Are you a ham radio operator?

  • Yes
  • No

Page 8. Housing Choices
Primary Housing preference: (select one)
You must declare as your 1st Housing Choice:
It is recommended that you declare all 3 choices in case your 1st Choice is not available.

  • Primary Housing preference
  • Secondary Housing preference:
  • Third Housing preference:

If you want or need to go back and review any of your choices or information click on the “Previous” option on each page (except the 1st page) before you click the “Submit” option.

This is very important, please read.
If you have entered all the required information and completed all uploads; you can click on the “Submit” option at the bottom left of Step 8.

After you click the “Submit” option, you will no longer have access to your application.

If you have any questions or need to change your Application, please contact TSP Staff

After you have submitted your Application, you will receive an email confirming your application submission. This is not a Confirmation to Attend TSP 2023.

Thank you and good luck in the Random Drawing.