TSP originally intended to require proof of current vaccination as a condition to attending the star party in order to mitigate the risk of potential COVID-19 virus exposure, transmission or infection among attendees, volunteers, and Ranch employees. Everyone should be aware of the risks inherent in any large gathering of people traveling from diverse areas which may or may not be experiencing community spread of the COVID-19 virus, including any and all variants, known and unknown, any of which may cause serious illness or injury or death to TSP attendees, volunteers, agents, and employees of the Prude Ranch, and the public at large.
Travel through other areas en route to TSP 2022 and a week on the Ranch carry a significant possibility of infection from the contagion and its variants, participation in the star party may aggravate preexisting medical conditions, and serious injury at the Ranch are all possibilities. Attendees are cautioned that medical services at the Prude Ranch are virtually non-existent; those located in surrounding towns may not be able to treat COVID-19 cases, preexisting conditions aggravated by Covid-19, or serious injury.  The location of the closest major hospital is Odessa, TX, approximately 150 miles from the Ranch.

TSP continues to face challenges in this declared pandemic condition. From the date of your registration and during TSP 2022 (April 24 to May 1,  2022), the changes in the state of public health  are unknown. Even the state of the legal climate is changing.
The State of Texas enacted a law (Senate Bill No. 968), and the Governor issued an Executive Order (No. GA-40), that prevents TSP from requiring vaccinations or showing proof of vaccinations for admittance to the star party. Texas may enact and enforce additional laws that affect these concerns. TSP advises attendees that it is providing as much information as is currently known so that they may make an informed decision whether or not to attend and participate in TSP 2022, understanding fully that by attending TSP 2022 under the declared COVID-19 pandemic conditions and legal restrictions on mitigation protocols, attendees assume all risks of harm to their health and that of their loved ones and the public.
TSP cannot provide an environment that will be 100% free from potential COVID-19 virus exposure, aggravation of preexisting medical conditions by Covid-19 virus, or other serious personal injury. TSP does not function as an insurer against these risks. However, TSP is committed to doing its part to make the star party as safe and enjoyable as possible by strongly encouraging full vaccination prior to traveling to the Ranch. In addition, TSP has implemented and will enforce a set of protocols it will enforce before and during the star party. In TSP’s judgment, they do not conflict with and are in accordance with CDC guidelines, GA-40, SB 968, and laws duly enacted or declared by federal, state and local authorities between registration and April 24.

These protocols include:
• Prior to entry, an attendee must provide a negative result PCR molecular COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of the time a person seeks admission to the Ranch, or voluntarily upload proof of full vaccination when applying to attend. TSP is very concerned with the health and safety of our staff and attendees during TSP 2022.Anyone not complying with one or the other requirement will not be permitted to enter the Ranch. Attendees who do not provide a negative PCR Covid-19 test or voluntarily submit their vaccination record will not be approved to attend TSP 2022.
• All attendees will submit to random non-invasive temperature checks on request. Any attendee who registers a temperature in excess of 101° will be quarantined immediately and may be required to depart from the event promptly without refunds or credits from TSP or the Ranch.
• Masks are required for all indoor activities, including meetings, lectures and meals. Efforts will be made to hold events outside as much as possible, conditions permitting. Attendees are required to furnish their own masks in sufficient quantity for the week. Anyone not masking up indoors will be required to leave the building. Repeat offenders will be ejected from the Ranch.
• Attendees must comply with social distances between telescope sites and among themselves. Use your own eyepieces and do not touch other attendees’ equipment without permission.
• Use of hand sanitizing stations installed at various places around the Ranch is strongly advised.
• Cleaning and sanitizing public areas, including restrooms, by the Ranch will occur. Attendees are advised to report non-compliant conditions.
• Meal services may experience delays due to reduced line and seating capacities. To the extent possible, meals may be served in areas other than the dining hall, including outdoors.
• Attendees staying in covered housing on- and off-Ranch are strongly encouraged to clean and sanitize their living quarters frequently and wear masks while indoors.
• Attendees are required to self-monitor and self-report suspected COVID-19 symptoms to designated TSP personnel. If symptoms arise, TSP will require immediate quarantine and departure of the affected attendee without refunds or credits from TSP or the Ranch (attendees are strongly encouraged to make advance contingency evacuation plans in the event that they are required to leave early due to onset of symptoms, aggravation of preexisting medical conditions, or serious injury).
• Attendees will also be required to read, and acknowledge that they have read and accepted the online waiver and liability release agreement form when they apply to attend and register for TSP 2022, and abide by the terms and conditions of the protocols in effect and agreement.
• TSP will update these protocols as required by posting them on the official TSP website. Attendees are required to monitor the TSP website for amendments to policies and protocols, and follow those in place at the time of the event. Attendees are required to furnish information for at least one (1) emergency contact not attending TSP.
• Violation of any of the protocols or resistance to compliance will be sufficient grounds to deny admission to or eject the offender from the star party without refunds or credits from TSP or the Ranch. If any applicant has any doubt as to their intent and ability to comply with these protocols, they should not attend.
TSP doesn’t want to be the bad guy. Nobody regrets having to impose and enforce these protocols more than TSP Staff and Management. Those who freely sacrifice their time and effort to planning, hosting and staffing the event want everyone to enjoy the TSP experience under conditions as safe as can be managed, given the present pandemic and legal climates, and for what may happen in the future. In the spirit of cooperation and understanding, we can have a great TSP 2022. We’re all in this together! Together, we can make this work for all!

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Now that you know the rules … have fun!