In Memorium of our fellow Amateur Astronomer Friends

The Texas Star Party is now providing permanent memorial space to recognize deceased amateur astronomers and
place their names on our Stars End webpage, amongst the stellar nursery of the Eagle nebula (M16) shown below.

Submit your request to add a name and/or a donation to Friends of TSP.



In Memory of..
Alfred V Bowen [Dallas, Texas] (2 Oct 1943-29 Apr 1992)
Patrick W Finney [Austin, TX] (27 March 1953-5 Jan 2012)
Donald R Garland [Ft Worth, TX] (24 Mar 1954-24 Oct 2017) READ ARTICLE HERE
Clyde Heath [Richardson, TX] (30 Mar 1942-31 Mar 2012)
Mark “Starman” Johnston [Liberty Hill, TX] (1959-28 May 2019)
Michael Ohl [Garland, TX] (1934-2020)
Dede Reyes [Houston, TX] (1979-1994)
Mary Kathryn Simpson [Ft Davis, TX] (1955-2018)
George C Stradley [Spring, Texas] (9 May 1916-15 Sep 2008)
James (Jim) Lee Trees [Leakey, Texas] (21 Sep 1940-17 Sep 2013) READ ARTICLE HERE
Barbara Wilson [Houston, TX] (14 Oct 1947-24 Sep 2019) READ ARTICLE HERE
Bob Logue of [Richardson, Texas]; (Born: Bartlesville, Oklahoma October 24th, 1948; Died: March 4th, 2020). READ ARTICLE HERE
John Wagoner [Plano, Texas] (Died: December 11, 2021). READ ARTICLE HERE