Space is a Landscape Part 2, by Jay Ballauer


Building off last year’s presentation, Jay presents Part 2″ of his philosophy of imaging, namely, that space pictures are similar to earthly, terrestrial landscapes.   

Regardless of the participant’s experience level in astronomical imaging, this presentation will bring imaging theory to practice, showing how to maximize the potential of an image, from data planning and collection, to processing and final presentation. 


This year’s presentation will be divided into three “ideals” as follows…

1.)  The Ideal Photographer – Jay discusses elements important to the development of the astro-imager, including ethics, education, theory, art, and science.

2.)  The Ideal Camera – This will involve a heavy discussion of the aspects of the camera and what it means in terms of image acquisition, data interpretation, and image processing. 

3.)  The Ideal Image –  Because no two space landscapes are the same, neither are the images.  Therefore, our discussion will involve topics covering techniques and theories in order to produce the best image possible.  


We’ll cover topics which include:

  • Types of images (from grayscale to spectral band)
  • Color considerations
  • Luminance “harvesting”
  • Data software methodology





Daytime session (3 hours, with two 10 minute breaks)

[date/time TBA]