Brown_RichardSky Maps, RA+Dec, How to find your object, by Richard Brown


This daytime 2 hour class will focus on the basics of using sky charts, software charts, planispheres, observing lists, computer “go-to”, and other tools to help you for:

  1. Understanding Right Ascension and Declination (RA and Dec) and Altitude and Azimuth (Alt-Az)
  2. Preparing/planning for nighttime observing
  3. Locating your object in the sky for observation

We’ll also show you where to get the best information about Astronomical events happening that night .

There is also a night-time class available, that will give you hands-on training on this subject (see Using Sky Maps, RA+Dec, Finding your object).

There is also an in-depth class on software star charts (see Star Chart Software Overview).


No prior experience required for either class. Whether you are a new observer or just want to polish your planning and observing experience, discover the observing tools available or just hands on with different scopes.


Daytime session (2 hours)

Monday May 11, 2015  1:00-3 PM