See you May 14th, 2023!

See you May 14th, 2023!

strong>See you May 14, 2023!

You are invited to attend the 43nd Annual Texas Star Party May 14to May 20, 2023. TSP attendees must depart before 10am, Sunday May 21, 2023.TSP 2023 will be hosted on the Prude Ranch, located six miles northwest of Fort Davis on Highway 118. Our Star Party has 3 observing fields for attendees to set up their telescopes and related equipment.

An added attraction during TSP 2023, please visit McDonald Observatory will be hosting evening star parties.
McDonald Observatory is located 12 miles west of the Prude Ranch (venue where Texas Star Party (TSP 2022) will be held) on Highway 118.

We will send an email notice to past attendees and members of the Southwest Region Astronomical League in late October to announce when we will open our site (anticipated to be in Early November, 2022) for you to submit your Application for TSP Registration/Housing Reservation Drawing. Also, please keep checking in to this website for updates and information.

In order to be able to submit your applications, you will need to create a User Login/Password and Profile on our website. If you have already created your Profile, please update your TSP user Profile with your current email address and other related contact information. We use this information to send out notices of important dates and deadlines and to send the initial invitation to TSP 2023.