Robert Reeves is author of many books including Wide-Field Astrophotography (2000), Introduction to Digital Astrophotography (2005), Introduction to Webcam Astrophotography (2006), and The Superpower Space Race (1994). He also wrote 20 encyclopedia articles about space exploration and co-authored the book The Conquest of Space with Fritz Bronner.

Robert was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1946 but traveled extensively until 1970 when he finally resettled back at his home town. In addition to his regular 9-to-5 job which helps support his family, Mary and Jeffrey, pursues his writing career. He taught astronomy for the Northeast Independent School District and the Alamo Community College District for 10 years.

Robert has also written over 200 articles for Astronomy Magazine, The Astrograph, The Reflector, Amateur Astronomy Magazine, and the defunct Deep Sky and Deep Sky Journal Magazines. 

Robert’s interest in astronomy began in 1955 with the advent of space exploration, which led him to taking his first picture in 1960.   He pursued wide-field piggy-back photography and lunar and planetary photography through the telescope until 1977 when he obtained an 8-inch Celestron Schmidt Camera.   For several years, he had unencumbered access to the Limber Observatory located in the Texas Hill Country north of San Antonio. The Celestron-14 telescope installed under the observatory’s 4-meter dome was a natural match for Robert’s 8-inch Schmidt camera. Color photography with hypersensitized Ektachrome, B&W TP-2415, and spectroscopic films occupied his observing agenda.

Robert completed his personal observatory, the Von Braun Photographic Station near Vanderpool in 1986 which served many productive years until destroyed by storms in 2003.  It was about this time that Robert crossed over to the “dark side” and began to extensively use digital cameras for astrophotography.  Now, in spite of owning 10 film cameras, including the 8-inch Schmidt astrograph, all his celestial imaging is done through digital means.

Robert has been a featured speaker at various conferences including AstroImage (Los Angeles), NEAF/NEAIC (New York), Astrophoto Insight (Chicago), Okie-Tex Party, TSP, Astronomical League meetings, Winter Star Party, and Kitt Peak.

Robert will be the instructor for:
Wide-Field Astrophotography Made Easy Workshop (night-time)

Lunar & Planetary Image Processing