Congratulations! You are registered for TSP 2023.

The “Registration Form that you have just submitted is a 1 time use only registration form. Once an attendee has registered, that registration is locked and cannot be changed to add additional people. If you need to add family members attending, make additional donations, purchase group photos, t-shirts and hats, etc, please click on this link to contact housing staff. Contact TSP Housing

You have successfully submitted your TSP Registration and TSP Fee payment for TSP 2023. You are now entered into our Reservation and Registration System to attend TSP 2023 event.

Thank you for choosing TSP 2023 for your astronomy vacation for 2023. TSP management and staff look forward to being your hosts.

Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to observe and astro-image under the dark skies of a remote west Texas location and to participate in the educational seminars, afternoon and evening speakers sessions. that are being scheduled

TSP Partners is also arranging extracurricular activities to further your enjoyment while you and your family (if they are attending with you) are away from home and vacationing with us. Please check out our Activities page and TSP Partners page for updates that will be posted as we secure additional activities and programs.

The next step in our process in attending TSP 2023 is “Late Registration” from March 12th to April 28th, 2023 and to assign available housing.

t you.

Thank you for completing your registration to attend TSP 2023.

PSA: Remember to make a check list of all the equipment and personal items you will need while attending TSP 2023. You are 100’s of miles from the nearest large city. It only takes one item that is critical to your telescope system, computer system, etc..  to ruin an otherwise perfect trip.

If you need any questions answered, do not hesitate  to ask. While we do not have agents standing by, we do answer emails. Email

After you have received your confirmation email from TSP Housing, you will receive an email from Prude Ranch confirming your TSP 2023 Reservation for Ranch accommodations and the amount of your deposit you will have to pay to secure your accommodations.  There will be an online link for you to use to go to their Online TSP Deposit System to pay your Deposit.

If you do not receive an email from the Ranch, you are still responsible for paying your deposit.  Click on this link to obtain instructions on “How to pay your deposit”. And Click on this link to fill in, print and mail your check made out to: Prude Ranch to pay your Ranch Deposit. PAY YOUR PRUDE RANCH DEPOSIT BY CHECK. You do not need to wait for the Ranch to send you an email invoice. Follow the instructions in the PDF document describing how to pay your Ranch Deposit and use this link to fill in, print, make out your check and mail your deposit payment to the Prude Ranch. PAY PRUDE RANCH DEPOSIT BY CHECK.