Welcome to Registration for TSP 2023

Registration for TSP 2023 is closed at this time while we are processing the registrations that we received during TSP 2023 Regular Registration Period.

TSP is no longer requiring:

A negative COVID-19 mPCR test result to register for TSP 2023. TSP is not providing an upload link for you to voluntarily provide proof of COVID-19 vaccinations in leu of a negative mPCR test result.
TSP is not requiring attendees to wear facemasks but if you want to wear a facemask that is your choice. Social distancing is not required while attending TSP 2023.

Registration will reopen for Late Registration starting Wednesday, March 8th – You still have  an opportunity to register for TSP 2023 during this late registration window.  Remaining Ranch Housing will be filled from these  “Late Registrations” and those who are on the wait list from our “Regular Registration”. We encourage late registrants to request Tent/Dry camping or Offsite accommodations to guarantee that they will be able to attend TSP 2023.  We have a great slate of evening speakers during the week(Monday – Friday nights). Please return to our TSP website between March 3rd, 2023 and March 8th, 2023, to see if Late Registration has reopened earlier than March 8th, 2023.

March 30th – Last day to cancel your Prude Ranch Housing Reservation and receive a Ranch Accommodation Deposit Refund (Cancellation and Refund Requests are processed by the Prude Ranch Front Office, and not TSP Staff).

April 28th, 2023 – Registration for TSP 2023 is closed.

Starting with TSP 2023, you will only have to complete one form to register for TSP Star Parties.

Our online form allows to you to:

  • Register as either an Individual or a Family with members living at the same address
  • TSP does not allow non-family groups to register using one Registration Form
  • If a group of friends want to attend, they must register as individuals
  • Vendors will have their own separate Registration Form
  • All family members will have to register
  • You will select the number or nights you are attending
  • Choose 3 Housing Choices (Ranch Housing will still be assigned using our Random Lottery System)
  • Enter RV type and dimensions, sewer and water requirements
  • If you are a HAM Radio operator, enter your Call Sign etc.
  • Make donations to our different programs
  • Buy Group Photos, T-Shirts and Hats
  • Pay your Registration Fees, donations and items you have purchased using either a PayPal account or Credit/Debit Card.

Payment method must be selected and required information entered to submit your Registration.

A TexasStarParty.org login is required to register. Please login or create your account to continue.