TSP Amateur Radio Events



NEW for 2017: W5TSP will feature a Flex 6700 and Maestro courtesy of Flex Radio.
We’ll also host an Open House for TSP Attendees and
another Open House for members of Big Bend ARC





W5TSP Special Events Station

Amateurs around the world are invited to monitor for W5TSP’s Special Events Station.
Special Events operations will commence Tuesday May 23 and run through Saturday May 27.   View our QSL Cards !
An astronomically-themed QSL card will be sent to those that send an SASE to W5TSP (QSL via W5CWO – 213 Simmons Dr, Coppell, TX 75019)

W5TSP will operate near the following frequencies:

  • 40m 7.250
  • 20m 14.255
  • 17m 18.158
  • 15m 21.355
  • 10m 28.455
  • 6m 50.125

TSP Talk-In

W5TSP HAMS will monitor our W5TSP 442.8 (pl 110.9) repeater as well as the BBARC repeater system and/or 146.52 MHz as much as possible.  TSP attendees are encouraged to do the same.

W5TSP TSP Attendees Open House:

The W5TSP Radio group will host an open house for all TSP attendees Tuesday May 23 1-4 PM at the Ham shack. TSP Attendees are welcome at the Ham shack at any time during TSP and not just during the open house!
Please visit the Radio Shack (see picture above) on the Prude Ranch located at the base of the antenna tower. Amateur Radio operators attending TSP are invited to guest operate W5TSP.

W5TSP BBARC Members Open House:

W5TSP and the Texas Star Party will host an open house for members of the Big Bend Amateur Radio Club (BBARC) Tuesday May 23 4-8 PM at the Ham shack.  BBARC Members wishing to attend must notify Allen Moore (N5NYM) to be placed on the attendance list so arrangements can be made for entry into TSP.  Visitors MUST leave the ranch prior to the TSP Darkout (No driving on the Ranch after at 9 PM!)   Call-in Freq: W5TSP repeater 442.8 pl110.9 (coverage limited to near the Prude Ranch), BBARC 146.62 pl146.2 and 146.52.
TSP Staff will meet you at the front gate and guide you to the Ham Shack.  BBARC visitors will be invited to guest operate W5TSP using the FLEX 6700 and Maestro.

Mobile Operations (Travel to/from TSP!)

Amateur Radio Operators are invited to communicate with TSP Ham Radio Staff and other Hams traveling to and from the TSP. While TSP Staff will be traveling Friday May 19th and Saturday May 20th and returning home Sunday May 28th, other Hams will be traveling throughout TSP week. This will be informal operations among TSP staff amateurs. All hams traveling to attend TSP as well as all other Hams are invited to participate. While traveling, TSP Staff will be operating HF and VHF. HF mobile operating frequencies and (informal) schedule is:

  • Most likely Mobile band -40 Meters: 7.215 (alt 7.218, 7.221, 7.224)
  • If on 20 meters: 14.238 (alt 14.241, 14.244 and 14.247)
  • If on 80 meters: 3.815 (alt 3.818, 3.821 and 3.824)
  • Listen for TSP Staff: W5TSP, WB4GHY, W5VMD, K5WUL, W5CWO, W5SOG, KF5IIL, N5BFB, K5BLZ, W5DKC, K5VKC, WD5IKX, WA5TKU, N5EG, W5BC, K5NCH (SK) and others

VHF operations will primarily be through:

  1. TSP’s Yaesu FT1D Digital Repeater W5TSP (442.800, +5, 110.9)
  2. Big Bend ARC (BBARC) System ( http://www.bigbendarc.com/repeaters/ )
  3. West Texas Connection (WTC) ( http://www.w5qgg.org/marc/midlrepeaters/wtc.html )

(!! PLEASE read and observe operating guidelines for these linked systems !! )

Flex 6300 and Maestro Display Controller

TSPARC would like to express our thanks and gratitude to FlexRadio Systems for their generous loan of a FLEX-6700 and Maestro Control Console to operate during TSP 2017.  This will be a great opportunity to experience the excellence of the Flex Radio products and the ease of use of the Maestro.