TSP has a variety of resources available to help you to deliver your presentation!

Meeting Hall:   (afternoon paper sessions and evening speakers)

  • Projector-We are replacing our Projector.  Once we have the “Specs” we will post them. The new projector should have at a minimum what is listed below.
    3M WX36i (1280×800 native, 1600×1200 max)

    • accepts 15 pin SVGA cable from computer (2)  [normally our laptop plugged-in]
    • accepts RCA audio inputs [normally connected to our laptop, as monaural]
    • accepts HDMI cable for video and audio
    • accepts Composite video (RCA plug or S-Video) for video input
    • [We can accommodate your video source machine using these inputs]
  • Wide screen at front of room
  • Podium with lamp at side of room
  • Wireless and cabled microphones
  • Sound system and room-wide speakers (monaural, not stereo)
  • Lenovo Thinkpad E555 Laptop or Better.
    • Windows 8 operating system
    • DVD drive 
      • Can be used to read a CD or 4Gig DVD to import presentation files
    • USB connections
      • [normally we provide a remote wireless IR mouse: remote control for use by presenter]
      • can also be used to import presentation files onto our laptop using a memory stick
    • Wireless Internet connection – This connection may or may not be working, depending on internet at the Ranch
    • Software:
      • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 (Word,  Excel, PowerPoint files)
      • Adobe Reader IX   (PDF files)
      • Video files:  MOV, others
  • Option to connect presenter’s laptop
    • We can connect your Mac or other laptop to our projector, but the presenter is responsible for helping to configure other equipment cables to be recognized by the projector


Other Facilities on Ranch:   (Lodge building, for education seminars)