PixInsight – 2, by Jon Talbot


This 2nd Day of workshop covers skills to be productive using PixInsight software to gather and process images. Topics include:

  • Adding Ha to the color image
    • Emission line enhancement
    • Blend script
  • Stretching the Luminance
    • Required levels to support RGB image
    • Using HDMRT and image insertion
  • Stretching the color image
    • ArcSinh stretch
    • Knocking down the noise
  • Combining the LRGB image
  • Creating Masks
    • Star masks
    • Enhancement masks
    • Halo masks (reduce fringing around stars)
  • Color enhancements
    • Boosting colors in your image using selective color saturation
    • Hue adjustments using curves
  • History tool
    • How to go back to a previous point
  • Other image enhancements
  • TGV Denoise
  • Saving your image to JPEG



  1. Student has some familiarity with using PixInsight (try to use it some before class!)
  2. Student has PixInsight installed on a laptop in order to work with the supplied data.
    1. Purchase your own copy at , or
    2. Request a 45-day trial license anytime between April 11 – May 8, 2020 (link to be provided here)
      1. It takes several days for the trial license permission to be E-mailed to you from “Pixinsight” so you won’t be able to do this from TSP !
      2. Software runs on FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows
      3. Trial software requires connection to the Internet each time you run the software.
  3. The student will also be required to install several PixInsight scripts which we will use during the class.

Jon will contact the students prior to TSP week and provide them with:

  • a link to download the class data files
  • links to download and install the required PixInsight scripts

If you are unable to get these files prior to the class, Jon will be available prior to the class so you can copy them from a USB drive.


Daytime session (3 hours morning and about 3 hours afternoon)

Wednesday May 20, 2020 9 AM – 4 PM (12-1 PM lunch)


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