Photoshop 1: Getting Started, by Alan Erickson


Various Photoshop topics will be presented related to astro-imaging, from the perspective of an astro-imager and Photoshop team member.

We’ll demonstrate the basics of astro-image processing using Photoshop, providing a basic understanding for the novice, as well as those who are more advanced but unfamiliar with Photoshop.

We’ll also cover topics on compositing, adjustments, filters, selections, masking, and a few helpful caveats.

More-experienced users may be interested in Alan’s next class, Photoshop 2: Tips and Techniques.


Basic knowledge of image processing. Although not required, it will be helpful to already be familiar with how to perform basic functions with PhotoShop.

Daytime session (1 hour 50 minutes)

Tuesday April 30, 2019  (10 – 11:50 AM)