• Submit your TSP Registration/Reservation Request Form now! Both on-site and off-site attendees, (everyone!) will need to submit this form before January 22, 2021! For more information see Registration/Reservations Drawing, which will be processed through a random drawing in late January 2021. This drawing will also include the allocation of all accommodations on the Ranch (camping, RV, and covered housing) as well as attendees staying offsite.

      • New 2021 !  We have a limit of 50 campers and a small number of (local area) people staying offsite.
  • We have special rules regarding COVID-19 in 2021.  You can read more about Coronavirus and TSP.
  • New!   Tell us about your need for a roommate, rideshare, or even a TSP Buddy! Post your request on RoomRideShare.


  • Emergency? Be prepared, when coming to our unique but remote location!  Read more about Medical attention, fire and other hazards. Communications and helping others.
  • Check out our amazing 2018 Video, Rumble and Sway!