New procedures starting with TSP 2022

  • All Application, Registrations, and Registration Payments are Online.
  • TSP will no longer provide attendees the option to register and pay TSP Registration/Fee Payment at the ranch during TSP Events.
  • Please Register and Pay on/or before April 15, 2022. Those arriving Unregistered will be turned away.
  • Covid-19 Protocols recommended by the CDC will be in place during TSP 2022.
  • Wearing of Face Masks and Social Distancing is required inside meetings and dining hall.
  • All attendees are required to present a Negative  molecular PCR test result to the Front Gate Team. (Or you can voluntarily upload your CDC Proof of Covid-19 Vaccinations with your Application to Attend.) Your sample has to be  submitted for analysis within 72 hours prior to  arriving at the Ranch.
  • All attendees must acknowledge that Public Events increase the risk of Covid-19 infection and release Texas Star Party, Inc., Officers, Directors, Volunteers, Southwest Region Astronomical League, and Prude Ranch Staff from Liability if exposed and/or infected with Covid-19.
  • In Leu of presenting a required Negative mPCR (or its CDC equivalent) test result, attendees may voluntarily elect to provide their CDC Covid-19 Proof of  Vaccination Card when they submit their application to attend.
  • You may make your Proof of Vaccination available by this method: upload with application in the provided upload box.
  • If you upload your Proof of Vaccination Card, you do not need to provide a Negative test result from a mPCR Covid-19 Test (or its equivalent).
  • New Front Gate Registered Attendee Verification Screening Procedures. ( See Below)
  • Attendees must be processed by the TSP Front Gate Team to enter the ranch and the Star Party.
  • If the Front Gate Team are not at the entrance when you arrive, do not enter the ranch.  You must be Covid-19 Screened  and your TSP 2022 registration confirmed. Your name verified with our  Registration records (Photo ID required) and you will be issued your TSP Wristband to enter the Ranch.
  • For Event Security, Health and Safety Reasons, Wristbands must be worn at all times on the ranch by all attendees.
  • Please do not take off your Wristband.
  • If your Wristband becomes damaged, you must turn it in to be given a replacement Wristband.
  • If you lose your Wristband, replacement fee is $25.
  • Do not give your wristband to someone who has not registered. Random checks will be conducted and the wristband verified using Photo ID and our Registration database. This is for security, health and safety of attendees and your equipment/personal property.

New Front Gate Screening Procedures to Confirm/Verify TSP 2022 Registration


  • Photo ID– State Driver’s License, State ID Card, Passport, University ID, and School ID. Used to confirm your registration.
  • Negative test result from a molecular PCR Test taken within 72 hours before arriving at the Ranch or in leu of Negative PCR, your voluntarily submitted CDC Proof of Covid-19 vaccinations. Reduce risk of exposure to all attending TSP 2022.
  • Must be registered, registration fee paid and confirmed.  Attendee safety and security.
  • TSP 2022 issued Wristband. Must be worn during the star party. Attendee health, safety and security.

To Obtain Entry onto the Ranch property and the Star Party.

  • Arriving attendees must be processed by a member of the Front Gate Staff.
  • If the Front Gate is not staffed, do not enter the ranch if you have not been screened for Covid-19, had your registration confirmed and have been issued your TSP 2022 Wristband.
  • Present your Photo ID to the Front Gate Staff during the hours that they are on the gate (12 noon to 9pm). (Check back for possible earlier hours to be posted).
  • Your Photo ID must be checked against our TSP Registration database.
  • Present Negative PCR test results no older than 72 hours  before arriving or you can voluntarily present CDC Proof of Covid-19 CDC vaccination card at the Front Gate.
  • Another option is to  voluntarily upload CDC vaccination card with your application or email it to TSP Housing or TSP Registrar.
  • You will be issued a TSP Event Wristband that must be worn at all times during the Event.
  • If the wristband is removed it will have to be replaced. To replace, you must bring the removed/damaged wristband to the Front Gate and have a Staff member provide you with a new wristband.
  • If you lose your wristband you can obtain a replacement for $25.
  • Anyone on the ranch without a wristband will be asked to show Photo ID and be verified they are a Registered Attendee. If your Photo ID does not match your TSP wristband, you will be told to leave and your name will be placed on our TSP Banned list. Not a good place to be.


  • Any person(s) will be denied entry for failure/refusing to provide their Photo ID at the Front Gate and/or any time asked by TSP Security.
  • Any attendee can be asked to leave the  Event/ranch for not following:
    • TSP Registered Attendee Verification Screening procedures
    • For any violation of TSP safety, policies, procedures, and Covid19 protocols
    • Refusing to sign Required General Liability Release – Covid-19 Waiver, and Covid-19 Mitigation Protocols, Rules and Guide Lines.

If you are asked to leave the event and ranch for any of the above listed violations, not following Texas Star Party, Inc. general policies/procedures and for any disruptive and/or inappropriate behavior, your TSP Registration fees will not be refunded.

Please read Covid19 Protocols before applying and registering. If your health condition could put you at risk to COVID-19 exposure, you are advised to not attend.