Narrow band imaging-Filters and Tec, by Jason Ware


While stars and galaxies shine with a full spectrum of light, emission and planetary nebulae as well as super novae remnants glow from a very narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum. Advances in filter technology allow astro-imagers to capture this light while rejecting the light from all other wavelengths.

This selective view allows for high contrast, detail views of the structure of these objects as well as incredible images from the blinding city lights.

In this class you will learn the basics of narrow band imaging in HA, SII, and OIII light. Learn how to select targets that will fully benefit from this technology. Learn how to combine the data from the separate captures into stunning “Mapped Color” images rivaling that of the Hubble Space Telescope using Adobe Photoshop.


Basic understanding of CCD imaging is required. The Calibration Frame presentation in this symposium is a great place to start!

These techniques are not limited to CCD cameras, DSLR users can benefit as well, however, best results are obtained with cameras that are cooled so that long exposures can be applied.


Daytime session (1.5 hours)

Thursday May 29, 2014  1-3:30  PM