Meet the ATM Wordie!

2016 ATM Discussion Groups

Meet us at the Lodge building(by the front porch), located just north of the upper observing field.

We’ll talk about the following subjects and look at examples on the fields:

  • Tuesday 10 AM –
    Materials & Finishes
    Types of wood bases materials, composite materials, ease of working them. Also varnishes & paints
  • Wednesday 10 AM –
    Mirror mounts
    Primary & secondary mounts. Adjustment ideas.
  • Thursday 10 AM –
    Scope Drives & control
    Motor type & selection, drive types, gearboxes, motor drives, controllers.
  • Thursday 1-3 PM –
    Join the ATM judges during field walkthrus


We want to look and discuss examples on the field that explore these subjects.
Do you have anything to contribute?
   Send us an email !