Jon Talbot is a world renowned Astro Imager and PixInsight Guru from Ocean Springs, MS.

Jon has been attending the Texas Star Party since 2014.   Jon took up the hobby of astrophotography in 2001 and has pursued photographing the night sky for the past 19 yrs using astronomical CCD and DSLR cameras.

Jon has been using PixInsight since its release in 2004 and has done PixInsight presentations at TSP, NEAIC, Winter Star Party, Okie Tex and the Mid South Star Gaze as well as writing a year long PixInsight series for Amateur Astronomy.

He has had numerous images published in Sky and Telescope, Astronomy and Amateur Astronomy Magazines. He has also done multiple equipment reviews for Astronomy magazine. His most recent article, published in Sky and Telescope, was how to optimize imaging from suburban locations.

Jon has a backyard observatory in Ocean Springs MS and photographs the night sky there and across the country at dark sites.  Since retirement, he has been active in teaching astrophotography techniques at various star parties across the central and SE US.  His images can be viewed at

Jonathan Talbot is the retired Chief Flight Meteorologist of the 53d Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, better known as the Hurricane Hunters, located at Keesler AFB in Biloxi MS. Jon retired in July 2016 after 34 yrs of service. He has over 5,600 flying hours and 153 hurricane penetrations, which provided critical data to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Fl. Jon was active in promoting hurricane awareness during
many trips through Caribbean nations.

He was the main project manager in the development of the Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer which is an instrument carried on reconnaissance aircraft to remotely measure wind speeds on the ocean surface.


Jon will be an instructor for:

PixInsight 1
PixInsight 2