Introduction to Astro-Imaging, by Jerry Gardner


This intensive program is designed to introduce the tools and techniques necessary to help you become a successful Astroimager.  During our daytime lecture and evening imaging sessions, you will learn how digital images are created, the equipment used for gathering astro images, and the many types of targets that may be of interest to you. 

During the evening sessions, you will have an opportunity to see a live demonstration.


  1. Introduction – DSLR Advantages/Disadvantages
  2. Digital Cameras – DSLR vs. CCD
  3. DSLR data acquisition
  4. Data reduction – Calibration, Filters, Dithering and Noise
  5. Mount and Scope selection
  6. Targets and Techniques – wide field, lunar/planetary, solar, eclipses, deep sky objects
  7. How to create color images
  8. How to create narrowband images
  9. Continuing Education – Informational groups and peer assistance

(Nightscape photography is not covered)

Only general knowledge of astronomy and telescopes is needed.



Morning session (1 hour 45 minutes)

Monday, April 29, 2019, (10 – 11:45 AM)


Evening session (approximately 2-3 hours)

Monday, Tuesday 10PM-1AM

This unique session will include an actual image acquisition demonstration with an explanation of the necessary steps for gathering a successful image.