Imaging Our Sun in Hydrogen Alpha, by Jim Lafferty


In the first hour, we’ll cover

  • Overview & setup of equipment
  • The technique of solar image capture in Ha

In the second hour we’ll go through a demonstration: stacking and processing the solar Ha image we captured in the first hour… from it’s start as an AVI file to a finished color image (click for example!).

The software featured and discussed will be IC Capture and Firecapture (for image capture) and  AviStack, AutoStakkert, RegiStax, as well as Photoshop CS* for image processing.

You don’t have to be an “advanced” Photoshop user to follow along.


If you would like to follow on using your own computer during the class, you should download and install the programs (described above), before coming to TSP in case there is limited internet access.   Some sample raw solar image files will be provided via thumb drives if the weather doesn’t cooperate during the live imaging session.



Daytime session (2 hours, with 10 minute break)

[date/time TBA]