Image processing: The Right Tool(s) for the Job, by JOhn Davis


Processing astro images can be a complex task.  It requires the right tool for the job, or the right tools.  While there are many image processing programs offering impressive toolsets, each has their own particular strength.  The toolbox in your garage probably has more than just a hammer, so why limit your astro toolbox to just one tool?  

In this class, I will demonstrate my entire processing workflow and my preferred software arsenal — CCDStack, PixInsight, Photoshop, and RegiStar

I will demonstrate why hopping between programs can actually make life easier… and result in some very nice images.

Relative beginners should also benefit from this course, since a lot of what we will talk about involves developing one’s eye to identify “problem areas”, and then choosing the best tool to solve these problems.


It is not necessary to have a working knowledge of each software application being discussed (although if you do, great!).

You are encouraged to be familiar with the basics of image calibration and post processing to get the most out of this session.

If you have one or more of these programs on your laptop, feel free to follow along… but be warned, we will be moving quickly!

Daytime session (2 hours, with 10 minute break)

[date/time TBA]