Those of you who have expressed an interest in being able to obtain the power point slides that Randall Light, MD-retired showed during his afternoon presentation during TSP 2022. Randall has asked me to post this link for you to use to gain access. Please visit his site at this URL link.

Thank You.

The 2022 Texas Star Party was a very big success.  Thank you to all of our volunteers, Prude Ranch Staff, TSP Operations Managers, TSP Board of Directors and Officers. Now lets get to work on making TSP 2023 an even bigger success.

Thank you again to everyone!

We are Family. “TSP Family”.  Whether you are a veteran attendee or a Newbie-first timer! All of  you in your own way, contributed to this year’s success!

Thank you!




The TSP and TSP attendees thank those who made this year’s

Austin Astronomical Society
Fort Bend Astronomy Club
Fort Worth Astronomical Society
Houston Astronomical Society
Texas Astronomical Society
San Antonio Astronomical Society
And the many volunteers who participate

In Memory of Two TSP Organizers:
Barbara Wilson
John Wagoner

is organized and operated by
Texas Star Party, Inc.,
an IRS 501 (c) 3 Non-profit Corporation
and is co-sponsored by
The Southwest Region of the Astronomical League


Sunday- 9am -Walk the line
10am Open Front Gate for attendee entry
Gate closes at 7:00 PM.
RVs must enter by 6:00 PM.
Dark-out at 9:00 PM.

Monday – Friday: Registration at Gate
will be 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
Gate closes at 7:00 PM.
RVs must enter by 6:00 PM.
Dark-out at 9:00 PM.

Sunday, April 24
12:00 PM Ranch Check-in Opens
9:00 PM Front Gate closes / Dark-out

Monday, April 25
9:00-10:00 AM TSP Café at Pavilion
1:00-2:00 PM HAS Meet ‘n Greet
at Pavilion
1:00-5:00 PM Sales & Information
(Meeting Hall)
4:00-5:00 PM Orientation to TSP (Meeting Hall)

Tuesday, April 26
(Science Fiction and Star Trek Day)

8:00 AM Birding excursion – Lodge north
Of Upper Field. Bring binoculars!
9:00-10:00 AM TSP Café at Pavilion
12:00 PM McDonald bus departs
4:30-5:30 Sales & Information
7:30 PM Evening Speaker
“1001 Ways to Keep the Spark
for Your Telescope Alive.”
By Stephanie Anderson
(Meeting Hall)

Wednesday, April 27
9:00-10AM TSP Café at Pavilion

Afternoon MC: Bill Flanagan

1:30-2:55 Observing the Index Catalog
Larry Mitchell
3:00-3:40 TSP Comet Hunt Challenge
Justin McCollum and Scott Mitchell
3:45-4:25 How to Develop a Reference
Catalog, Including Atlas
John R. Nagle
4:30-5:00: Comet Hunting team assemble
Scott Mitchell & Justin McCollum

4:30-5:30: TSP Sales & Information
(Meeting Hall)

7:30 PM Evening Speaker
“The Science and Exploration
Of Little Rocky Worlds”
By Dan Durda

Thursday, April 28
(Hawaiian Shirt Day!)
8:00 AM Birding – Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute – meet at Lodge
1:30 PM McDonald bus departs

Afternoon MC: Justin McCollum

1:30-2:25 Asteroid Discovery and
Investigation Through
World Class Telescopes
Pranvera Hyseni
2:30-3:05 Wide Field DSLR
Randall Light
3:10-3:45 CCD Photometry with the AAVSO
Allen Gilchist
3:50-4:30 Catching Fireballs: A Meteor
Patrol Camera at Deerlick
Astronomy Village
Edward Albin
4:30-5:30: Sales & Information
(Meeting Hall)

7:30 PM Evening Speaker
“The Heritage of the Texas Star Party”
By Deborah Byrd
Youth Outreach Raffle
Presentation of Awards

Friday, April 29
8:00 Davis Mtn State Park birding
Meet at Lodge
9:00 AM Swap Meet
(Outside of Lodge by upper field)

1:00 PM Group Photo
(Grassy area near Meeting Hall)

Afternoon MC – Steve Grimsley

1:30-2:10 Telescope Collimation
Made Easy
Robert Morrow
2:15-2:55 Methods of Hopping Across
The Night Sky
Justin McCollum
3:00-3:40 – Starting and Running
A Small Astro Business
Robert Morrow
3:45-4:30 ATM at TSP Review
Craig Colbert
4:30-5:30 Sales & Information
Meeting Hall
7:00 TSP Movie Interstellar
Meeting Hall

Saturday, April 30
1:30 Annual Meeting of SW Region
of Astronomical League
at Dining Hall

Front Gate closes / Dark-out

Sunday, May 1
10:00 AM Ranch Check-out Time

The Prude Ranch provides a spacious and decorative dining room for comfortable meals with friends. Lunch and Dinner are included with covered housing. Otherwise sign up at Ranch Office for individual meals 1 day in advance.

Breakfast **Cancelled**
Lunch 11:30AM to 1:00PM
Dinner 5:30PM to 7:00PM
Snack Bar 10:00PM to 4:00AM

ATM Entries
Astrophoto & Drawing Entries
Observing Programs

Obtain entry blanks at the Sales & Information Table. Photos & Astro Art will be on display in the Meeting Hall. Vote for your favorite Astro-photo.
Astro-art is not in competition this year, just
displayed for your enjoyment.

Deadlines for entries are:
ATM Entries 5:30PM Wednesday
Astrophotos 5:30PM Thursday

Judging for ATM 1-5PM Thursday
Astro-art will be displayed this year, not judged

Prude Ranch Location
Upper field 30o 36’ 38.72” 103o 57’ 08.06”
Middle field 30o 36’ 33.47” 103o 57’ 03.41”
Lower field 30o 36’ 24.02” 103o 57’ 05.20”
Elevation 5051’ MSL (From Google Earth)

Sunset is at 8:31 PM. Twilight ends at 10:08PM
Sunrise is at 7:15AM. Twilight starts at 5:40AM

Monday Morning Moon Rise 4:37AM
Tuesday Morning Moon Rise 5:12AM
Wednesday Morning Moon Rise 5:43AM
Thursday Morning Moon Rise 6:43AM
Friday Morning Moon Rise 7:41AM
Saturday Evening Moon Set 8:39PM

The GTG will be Wednesday and Thursday after the lecture. Some door prizes will be given, including several GRAND PRIZES. The winners of all door prizes (except Grand Prizes) on either night will be eligible for all the GRAND PRIZES on Thursday night. The “full” TSP Registration Fee includes ONE door prize ticket (i.e. one per family). Your name will be written on the ticket at the Sales and Information desk. Drop the ticket in the Ticket Box at the meeting hall on either Wednesday or Thursday night. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. Lost tickets will NOT be replaced!

Visit McDonald Observatory and see the large professional 107″ and 36″ telescopes and HET on a separate hill. The special technical tour is limited to 20 people per day. A Prude Ranch bus or van will be available for transportation to the Observatory. See the sign-up sheets posted in the Dining Hall line for schedule and prices. Two separate payments are required: Purchase your McDonald Guided Tour ticket of $10 at the TSP Sales & Information desk. For transportation to the Observatory and between the telescopes, purchase your bus fee of $12 at the Ranch front office. Personal vehicles not allowed for guided tour due to limited Observatory parking space.

You can also do your own self-guided public tour. See the McDonald website for times and ticket information.

Loud music and other noisy activities are not permitted. Playing music through speakers is not allowed between 12 Midnight and 10 AM.

Dogs are not allowed during TSP. Boarding is available in Ft. Davis by calling 432/426-3086.

Please pick up your cigarette butts from the fields and throw them away. No smoking indoors.

No smoking allowed on any observing field after sunset.

The front gate will be closed at 9:00PM (or 30 minutes after the night meeting) to restrict traffic and minimize disturbance to observers. If you plan to arrive at night, expect to park your car outside the front gate and walk-in. Driving on the Ranch at night is prohibited unless sky conditions prevent observing activity. See “Lighting Restrictions” for details. If you plan to leave the Ranch after 9PM, park your car OUTSIDE the gate before dark, so that you may leave and not disturb anyone in doing so.

Vendors are located in the Lodge located north of Upper Field. Hours are 10:00AM to Noon, and 1:30PM to 5:00PM.

The TSP weather info display is available for viewing near the Ranch Office, and other locations..

>>>> NOTICE <<<<

YOU MAY BE FINED $50, or permanently banned from TSP if you drive on the Ranch when the Lighting Controls are in effect!! Driving in darkness is DANGEROUS and can injure or kill people, and damage telescopes and other property, which isn’t yours to risk.

All vehicles off-loading equipment on any field must be removed from any observing field no later than 7:30pm

Only Prude Ranch staff, TSP Security and Emergency Vehicles are authorized to use their vehicles and headlights during Dark Out Rules.

Attendees Normal Headlights are justified in true medical emergencies.

Due to heavy demands in the telescope fields, we are limiting the use of electricity by providing top priority to telescope equipment. The following rules are in the effect at all times.
1. Only telescope equipment, anti-dew gear, drive correctors, up to 6-Watt light bulbs, and up to 90-Watt laptop computers may be connected to TSP power outlets.
2. PERSONAL COMPUTERS and appliances such as hot plates, coffee pots, fans, heaters and refrigerators are NOT to be connected to TSP power outlets.
3. Use LOW-HEAT setting on hair dryers. Avoid running yours when another is being used nearby.
4. These rules do not apply to personal RV-site electric connections. Computer users should obtain an RV site or make arrangements with a nearby RV site user.

Personal computer screens should be set on LOW intensity, and shielded so that no light escapes onto the field that may disturb other observers.

– Vehicle headlights, parking, tail, brake and interior lights must remain extinguished.
– All RV, trailer and camper lights must be turned off unless proper shielding is installed on all windows or doors to prevent light from escaping.
– Coleman-type lanterns, campfires and outdoor lighting are NOT permitted.
– All flashlights must be equipped with red filters and should be pointed toward the ground at your feet. Red cellophane or fingernail polish is useful.

In the event that you must give off some light, give a yell! A precious photo or image could be saved with some warning from a caring neighbor.

The lighting ban will be in effect when the sky is more than 10% clear. If it is raining, the ban will be lifted. If it is cloudy with the potential for clearing or there are some holes in the clouds, please keep lights to a minimum to protect other people’s dark adaptation. Drive only if you must and use normal headlights.

Exceptions to the ban may be provided to certain persons or vehicles ONLY by consent of the TSP staff. The Prude Ranch staff may drive occasionally at night on Ranch business.