TSP Aerial view of Ranch, Fort Davis is on road towards top; McDonald Observatory is on road towards bottom. TSP upper field 2009: Hard at work, under the Milky Way.
Panorama, Upper Field by Robert Reeves 2002 Panorama, Upper Field from west side
1982 Group Photo: If you are in this picture, count your blessings!

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2001 Group Photo
Meeting Hall: registration, afternoon and evening talks Registration Table, come here to pick up your schedule, doorprize ticket, purchase tshirts and other goodies, enroll for astrophotography, sketching, and ATM contests.
A great opportunity to meet old and make new friends! Lunch and Dinner at the Dining Hall
Ranch Office and lobby Check-in for your ranch accommodations and camping/RV Historic Home of Prude Family, John Robert and Betty Prude.   A Texas Historic landmark.
Pool House and nighttime snackbar (left end of building) Indoor Swimming Pool
Vendors will move to Pavilion this year.
Provides for a week of leisurely drooling and bargaining!
Swap meet, located outside the Lodge building (Texas Imaging Symposium)
Find John Wagoner, and you can turn in your observing list(s) for a badge! Our Group Photo staff, always signs their TSP liability release form!
Getting set up on an observing field, tarps and long stakes are frequently used. Notice TSP “box” power cords. Radio Building, source of TSP radio, weather data, internet, ham radio, and TSP communications
Veteran observer Larry Mitchell prepares for a night’s observing with his portable telescope. An eager observer wastes no time at sunset by getting ready for his observing and astrophotography programs.

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