The great tradition of dark sky observing continues !

Staying on the Ranch in housing, RV, or camping?  Staying off-site in other accommodations?   Everyone needs to enter the TSP drawing, held in late January.

  • Already have a TSP Userid?  Go to My TSP Account, logon, and click the “TSP Registration/Reservation Request Form” link to enter your request.

You should submit a Registration/Reservation Request Form to ENTER THE TSP DRAWING before January 22, 2021.   This will provide you the highest possible chance of being selected as one of the 300 people who will be able to attend TSP this year.  Starting February or later, you can still request to attend and either stay off-site, camp, or stay on Prude Ranch in one of our remaining openings.

1. To get started, you will first need to login on the TSP website.  Click the Login link on the upper right corner of this screen.
   a. If you’ve attended TSP in recent years, you likely already have a TSP userid in our system… which is your email address.  If needed, you can click the “Forgot your Password?” link and it will be emailed to you.
   b. If you haven’t used your email address with us before, you can click the “Create Account” link and provide your address and other information. Then login!

2. Once you’re logged in, you can go to My TSP Account (under the Registration menu).  This page has a link to launch and submit your TSP Registration/Reservation Request Form.  You can also use this page any time to check the status of your Registration, make payments, and download your Prude Ranch Housing form, if needed.

3. Be sure to read about your housing options on our Accommodations page.  Note that if you are staying offsite and you want to put an equipment tent/trailer on the observing fields, there is a $13/day charge by the Ranch.

4. The TSP Registration Fee is not included in your accommodations charge.  Read about TSP Registration rates and policies.

5. The drawing is held in late January and you will be notified of your status sometime in February.

6. If we approve your Request , we’ll email a TSP Registration Request Confirmation to you.   You can then pay your TSP Registration and other fees.  You can also print your Prude Ranch Reservation form and mail in your deposit to the Ranch, if any.

Vendors should read our TSP Vendor Information page!


Ready to get started?  Go to My TSP Account and click the “TSP Registration/Reservation Request Form” link to enter your request.

Questions about creating a userid or a Registration/Reservation Request form?  E-mail our webmaster.