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    It is still too early to tell for sure if any impact to TSP.
    At this point it looks like the fire is passing well to our north, even north of McDonald observatory and David Mountains Resort.

    Our team is keeping a close eye out on the situation and will send out an email to everyone if there is any significant change.

    The best news source for this particular fire is at:

    Any road closures of SH 118 from Kent/Valentine can be found here.
    There are none at this time!

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    Here is a photo of Don, taken in 2013 at a FWAS meeting in the Noble Planetarium. (Thanks to Fort Worth Astronomical Society for photo.)

    Don Garland

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    Among many of Don’s passions was solar eclipses.
    While under hospice care, he was able to see the August 2017 eclipse in Fort Worth.

    Here is a Facebook link to an Asana Hospice & Palliative Care article and photos of Don:

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    At the Prude Ranch (latitude 30 degrees N), the lowest southern astronomical object that can be seen (with a perfect horizon) is -60 degrees declination.
    Omega Centauri’s declination is -47 degrees, so at best it would be 13 degrees above the horizon.

    The mountains don’t usually interfere.

    Some of our attendees have photos they have taken of Omega during TSP, which you can see on our Astrophoto Heaven forum:

    Omega Centauri taken by JOHN BOZEMAN of ABILENE


    NGC 5139, Omega Centauri taken by Bob Van Gulick of Austin


    Omega Centauri taken by BOB HATFIELD of SOUTHLAKE

    bon apetit!

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    Blue Origin does not have public nor other tours available to us.

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    Try again, George.

    We had a configuration error and this is now fixed.

    Dave Clark

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    Starting TSP 2016, the Ranch does not plan to provide internet in the fields, except that which occurs incidentally from their coverage of public building and housing areas. TSP has removed our ban of Telescope-related Internet and Bluetooth devices in the observing fields at night!

    Interference from other nearby devices can cause problems for your wireless telescope equipment. Use directly connected (wired) controls to guarantee reliable performance of your equipment. Contact the manufacturer of your equipment and accessories for the best ways to do this.

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    There may be wireless in the fields, but only incidentally from service to public building and housing areas. At this point, it remains to be seen if RV sites will have coverage or not.

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    This year, there is no popup screen nor login to connect to the internet.

    You will have to wait until you arrive and try to connect, to know the network name, ie the access point’s SSID

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    The telescope list is delayed but will be out in the next week or so.

    John Wagoner was in critical condition in the hospital recently, is doing better, and John’s backup folks are working on completing the materials for publication.

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    AstroGizmos will not be at TSP this year.

    There are some other vendors who are planning to step up and provide
    similar merchandise that AstroGizmos supplied at their tables last year.

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    We have tried various ways to handle getting the t-shirts to our attendees,
    including advance orders. It turns out that despite having the ability for
    you to buy your shirt in advance, we still ended up with lots of folks who
    decided to buy their shirt at TSP who weren’t able to get their size.

    Advance ordering capability doesn’t really solve the problem. Our queries
    indicate that folks often don’t want to buy advance for these (valid) reasons:
    – want to wait to actually see the tshirt physically (despite seeing an online graphic)
    – only want to buy a shirt that they are certain properly fits
    – not willing to spend until they are actually at TSP (may not go at last minute)
    – not interested initially, but once they saw it they wanted it
    – some who purchased in advance did not really like the shirt once they saw it, but has already purchased in advance

    The process of taking advance orders, then kitting-up each order individually at TSP (100-200 orders!), and other nuances for advance orders is very labor intensive. It now costs about $7+ to ship shirts that aren’t picked-up, and we had this obligation imposed on us (both to locate a volunteer to do this work, as well as absorbing the cost).

    Despite forecasting of how many shirts to order in advance, we sometimes fall short and other times we overbuy and carry an inventory of that shirt for as long as 3-4 years.

    Our forecast uses (1) last year’s t-shirt mix on sizes, (2) last year’s total
    shirts sold and how many attended, and (3) this year’s expected attendance (based on actual registrations and estimate of at-the-door registrations).

    It turns out that tshirt demand is highly variable and is heavily-influenced by t-shirt color, design, and how much money folks have available to spend.

    If we run short, we will take orders for shirts during the rest of TSP week,
    ONLY if we have someone who has volunteered to handle the packaging and shipping of the shirts a month or so after TSP. No volunteer, no last-minute orders!

    In 2014 no one signed up to do this, but at the last minute (on Tuesday) I managed to recruit a volunteer… and we put up a sign in the meeting hall.

    If you know someone who wants to volunteer to do this (tshirt-delivery) , send them here.

    Now you know more about selling tshirts at TSP than you care to know, but these are the realities.

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    Jeff will definitely be missed, I always enjoyed going thru his wares in the TSP vendor area!

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    The 2014 TSP t-shirt can be ordered during TSP registration 4:30-5:30 PM in the meeting hall. There is a $5 handling fee (for up to 2 shirts) to cover the extra costs to get them to you.

    We will reorder these at our vendor in Austin, ship them to a (newly found) volunteer who will then package and mail them to you!

    There may also be an opportunity to order them before our evening speaker, just go to the back of the room and ask for Matt.

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