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    I get a newsletter from the Meteorite Men (show on Science Channel). There was a tidbit in there about Geoff Notkin taking a tour from Arizona to New York in April to promote his new book. They are requesting people to submit ideas on places he should stop. I think he would make a great speaker at TSP! Here is the article (and how to submit an idea):

    Geoff is traveling from Arizona to New York in April as part of our “Rock Star Cross Country Tour.” We are inviting emails from his friends and fans explaining why Geoff should visit and/or give a talk in your town. A few select winners will receive the best gift of all: A visit to your city by Geoff and his Aerolite crew! The new go-anywhere Meteorite Men truck, The Mule, as seen in Season Three will be making the trip with us. Please email your ideas to our tour manager today at info@meteoritemen.com. Our next newsletter will announce the tour dates and winners, as well as the cities that Geoff and the Aerolite Meteorites road crew will be appearing in.


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