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    Becky Ramotowski

    I have downloaded and have plotted the “2012” Observing List for TSP!
    Can’t wait to knock it out in those amazing West Texas skies!!!!!

    See you all there!!!!


    Last summer, my home was burglarized, and all my observing pins were stolen, along with a few other small items including my old digital camera. I had the pins on my bookshelf along with some other pins that probably looked valuable. The pins included all my TSP pins from the last 20 years, my Messier, Herschel 1 and 2 and other assorted pins. I was, and am still sick knowing these were taken. I’m so bummed that this year I won’t be doing Larry’s list because it will just remind me of those pins I had swiped. Sooo…, this year I’m bring a huge target list to hunt for. I’m probably going to need 7 clear nights to complete everything so here’s hoping for a great week.



    Since you mentioned observing pins. I lost my cap with about 6 or so advanced TSP observing pins along with an equal number of non-astronomy pins at the 2010 TSP.


    Hey Becky! Sorry to hear about the burglary. Its always bad for anyone, especially when you loose something that you put a lot of work into. My wife and I wont be attending this year (the first in a really really long time), but I’ll be thinking about all of you. Have fun, drive safe, and I hope you don’t get much sleep during TSP. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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