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    I was sent an email that has this copied from TSP. Use of Kendrick type tents and other “portable” observatories and “wind breaks”: Cannot be setup where it blocks view of existing neighbor scopes more than 30 degrees above horizon, without permission of neighbor. Upper and Central fields: Can be set up in observing area, but only along outer edge of observing area (no other scopes between you and the edge of
    field). So when did this get posted? I think it would be good to date them when rules added or updated. A place them newer at the top. The tent rule should be a rule on it’s own and not mixed in with another. Plus it first looked like it was a north rule as there was only north rules posted after it.


    The Observing Field Usage section deals with several kinds of tents. The initial 3 paragraphs deal with CAMPING and STORAGE tents. There are far more of these than OBSERVING tents, hence they are placed first because almost everyone is interested in these.

    The next paragraph deals with the OBSERVING tents, and has been in effect for many years, altho not as clearly stated as we have now. (Especially this year, as our website is receiving substantial improvements in content clarity/organization)

    The last section contains links for file downloads, which help people know what to expect when they pick up the (possibly more-current) paper versions at the Ranch office.

    All of the information in the Observing Field Usage section belongs there.

    We appreciate hearing your suggestions for possible improvements.

    (Personally I don’t like all these rules. But considering over 30 years of experience of TSP dealing with 500-800 people on these fields for a week each year results in an appreciation that people need/demand rules to help set expectations, especially when it comes to what their neighbors can/cannot do to them. Obviously, the friction results when the rule is being applied to you! Can’t be helped. At least we’ll apply the rules as fairly and uniformly as possible.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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