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    George Semple

    With the recent news of Apache Corporations ‘Alpine High’ 3bbl shale discovery right in the relative backyard of the Fort Davis area I feel the need to bring up the question of the long term impact this may have on our beloved location. As the years have progressed, the dark skies we all cherished have not been immune to the encroaching effects of the industrialization of Southwest Texas.

    We have in the past had the influence of the McDonald Observatory to help ensure the quality of the night sky is preserved but as digital/radio analysis becomes more and more a key component of the science and visual astronomy wanes so does the need for pristine darkness.

    I’m not claiming the sky is falling here, I’m just thinking long term and as such would like to hear the thoughts of our leadership and other attendees in this regard. Has there been any discussions on a future relocation plans?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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