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    The SCURT target and the Artificial Star has now been fully tested and now packed for its journey to TSP. 

    You will find an informative packet on how it works and how to use it, and a “results” sheet for you to use.  We also have a spreadsheet (Excel, Mac or iOS) of the results sheet that makes it easier to record your observations and convert them into arc sec resolution.   The Excel is preferred as it has better sheet protection built in.

    All the information and files you need to use the SCURT target are now available for download on the Real Science page.

    Thanks to our TSP webmaster for all his support. And thanks also to the top dogs at TSP who have generously agreed we can offer rewards for those who turn in a substantial record of their observations!  Follow the links above, or just browse over to the ATM page.



    We’re planning to have the SCURT target deployed again at TSP2014. We got some good results last year (a full report can be downloaded from the SCURT Real Science page)

    The primary function of SCURT is for you to check the performance of your scope and help make any adjustments necessary. But it does also present us with an opportunity to do some science too.
    This year we plan to add more data to last year’s collection. This will firm up on the findings last year.

    We also want to try two new specific tests –
    1. What is the effect of using a bino viewer on resolution? We’re looking for volunteers with bino viewers who are willing to give half an hour of their time.
    2. What is the effect of magnification on resolution. We’re looking for volunteers who have a good wide set of eyepieces who are willing to use SCURT to measure the resolution as they try each eyepiece. This should only take an hour.

    Anyone interested please respond here, or email me at


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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