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    Charles Baker

    Looks like we are going to have another night of great viewing opportunities here at TSP 2014. Last night had patchy clouds but they were just breaks amongst lots of clear skies. It was the kind of night that you could look up and down the Milky Way with the naked eye, see a spot where you could tell there was something interesting, put a scope on it and find your Messier and NGC objects, open clusters and nebulae alike.

    Don’t miss the wonderful afternoon sessions today, including a talk on choosing astronomical binoculars. Tonight the program will conclude with a talk on the 75 years of work at McDonald Observatory by Superintendent Tom Barnes. Following this will be the drawings for more great doorprizes, graciously supplied by the many vendors who are friends of TSP, and by TSP.

    And, folks, please do take a moment to thank the Prude Ranch staff as you go through your day and when you get ready to depart. They’ve been wonderful hosts once again, for TSP and attendees.

    Please give a good word as well to the many volunteers who have helped TSP run smoothly this year, in all areas, including (but not limited to) the Blackout Team and the Redhats who have assisted new imagers in their efforts.

    From TSP management, our thanks to the management and staff of Prude Ranch, to the volunteers of TSP, and to the businesses and people of Fort Davis who have been very welcoming to our attendees. We especially would like to express out gratitude to the vendors who supported TSP by exhibiting and by providing doorprizes and support for various aspects of TSP and TIS programs.

    And lastly, our thanks to everyone who came together here at TSP 2014 to enjoy our shared love of the stars, to renew ties with old friends, and make new friends.

    (Should I mention we were having the kind of good time that grows brain cells rather than kills them? Oh, yeah, guess some of us did both. 😉 )

    Let’s have a great time for the rest of this TSP, and may everyone come home safely!

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