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    What time can one actually get on the Ranch on Sunday for set up.  I know it says 2PM for ranch check in but in the past when I’ve gotten there soon after 2, there sure are a lot of people already set up.


    The front gate will be open at Noon on Sunday. Do not arrive before then because you may have to wait in the long line of cars that forms up for hours beforehand. This creates congestion and safety hazard on the roadside that the sheriff has repeatedly warned us about. By 1:00 PM there are little or no lines.

    If I recall, the 2 PM timeframe is intended for folks in motel rooms/family cabins. The maids may not be finished cleaning and bring the keys down to the ranch office before that time.



    I normally wait in the long line, but last year I decided to skip the line and went into town and got breakfast instead. I arrived back at the Ranch at just before 1pm and there was no line, whatsoever.  Once on the ranch I had no trouble getting a spot where I normally set up. I’ll do the same this year.


    What time Sunday, is the lateset I can arrive and be sure I can get a spot on the upper field?  

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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