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    If I get a Prude Ranch Motel Room, do the outlets in my room come under the rules for TSP Power Outlets? Or are the rules just for the extension cords and outlets on the field?Secondly, can I charge my battery packs during the day? In my room or on the field?The reason for the questions is that I just realized my laptop uses a 90W adapter.  I’m looking into other options.  Like running it from a battery pack or getting a different adapter. ThanksMatt R.


    Great questions, Matt!

    Due to safety consideration, your motel/cabin/bunkhouse room power should not be used to provide outdoor power, but inside you can use it any way you’d like.  There might be extenuating circumstances, but you’d have to work with TSP staff to get permission in advance.

    The power usage rules apply to the TSP power lines out in the observing fields, and anything connected to them.  Small battery-chargers can be connected to TSP power during the daytime, but power lines are not permitted to go inside a tent/trailer where usage is concealed from inspection.

    Your 90W laptop is permitted during the nighttime, if it is used to assist your observing.

    We would like to encourage folks to try to conserve power as much as possible… including only using one computer and using batteries where feasible especially under dewing conditions where others may be using anti-dewing equipment.



    Hello Dave, that is good news.  I read that the limit for a laptop was 75W when plugged into the field circuit. I plan on using it to run my scope and camera.  Glad to see that the rules were updated.No, I was not considering running an extension cord from my room to the field.  Just making sure I could use my laptop on wall current when I was in my room.It is not to early to start packing is it?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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