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    Faith Jordan

    I’ve just paid for my TSP registration online (using the PayPal option) and it works superbly.


    Same here 😉

    Jim Donahue

    My accomodations email from the TSP Registrar said…

    “Next step? Pay Registration Fee and any Prude Ranch deposits.
    New this year! You can either pay securely online, or you can mail in your payment.”

    … but I don’t see where I pay the Prude Ranch deposit online. Is that still by check & snail mail?


    Yes, all Ranch deposit payments need to be paid to Prude Ranch. You can download and print the Prude Ranch Form and mail it in with your payment.

    TSP and Prude Ranch are separate business entities. This is no different than if you booked a motel or campground in nearby Ft Davis.

    We are pleased that we can increase convenience to our attendees by providing online payment of Registration and other fees… but there is a limit what we can do here for other companies.

    Jason Adamik

    I had the exact problem that Jim had – it seems that you can pay for both ranch lodging and TSP reg. online, but of course from Dave’s comments above it’s clear that you can’t…but from the wording it sure looks like you can (we know that Prude Ranch is a separate entity but the instructions make it seem very ‘clear’ that you can pay for both online). Steve and Amelia helped me find the (not easy to find) link to print out the ranch form to send in.


    I love it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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