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    I need to set my SkyFi up as client before I attend TSP so I need to know the WIFI network name so I can enter it on the SkyFi web page and set it up as client. Otherwise I will have to turn it on without being a client at TSP in order to set the network name into it. Last year one of the problem was to join the network there was an access web page popped up to join. SkyFi doesn’t have any means to deal with a web page to join the network. Will there be any password too?


    This year, there is no popup screen nor login to connect to the internet.

    You will have to wait until you arrive and try to connect, to know the network name, ie the access point’s SSID


    Starting TSP 2016, the Ranch does not plan to provide internet in the fields, except that which occurs incidentally from their coverage of public building and housing areas. TSP has removed our ban of Telescope-related Internet and Bluetooth devices in the observing fields at night!

    Interference from other nearby devices can cause problems for your wireless telescope equipment. Use directly connected (wired) controls to guarantee reliable performance of your equipment. Contact the manufacturer of your equipment and accessories for the best ways to do this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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