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    Jason Adamik

    I’d like to print out some of Larry’s advanced observing handouts since as fast as I run up to the front after the talks I haven’t been able to snag some of the available handouts (graciously given out by Larry) before they are all taken after his talks.

    I have a CD he gave me a few years back that includes years 2000-2010. I tried printing some of these yesterday at my local Kinko’s. Their customer service was so bad that I hated to be too picky (they weren’t interested in helping me but I didn’t know any other good places to go to make copies/prints) so I didn’t push them to try too many printer options…and the result was that the graphic portion of Larry’s guides didn’t reproduce at all like what his originals look like – the photos of galaxies, nebulae, etc. were very rough and grainy.

    I wanted to know if anyone else has tried to print these from the CD (is that part of my issue?) or if anyone has any suggestions on what printer options to ask for when going somewhere to get them printed. I spent about $17 getting five years of the guides printed but the photo parts are so rough as to make much of what I printed unusuable – and these photos are really critical to finding the objects.

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