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    The finder charts provided for the 2014 advanced telescope observing program are small, negative images which makes them easy to print, but perhaps not as big a field of view as some of us would like for a finder chart. I created a set of finder charts using Aladin Interactive Sky Atlas DSS images. They are approximately 2 degrees in RA and 1 degree in Dec oriented N up and East Left with the J2000 coordinates of the target object (as shown in the list) marked with a cross hair.

    I doubt you will want to print these images since each one will use a lot of ink, but if you use a computer as part of your observing gear at TSP I think you will find them helpful. I posted the charts in a 63 Mbyte zip file on WeTransfer, a public FTP site. You can download them from

    Access will expire on 5/27. However If anyone wants to get them after that date I can re-post to the FTP site and e-mail you the new download URL, or if you have a thumb drive, I can copy them onto it at TSP. You will find me during late afternoons and nights near a large 2-horse trailer (sometimes it actually hauls horses instead of telescopes) on the corral side of the middle field.

    Brad Walter

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