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    Jim Pollock

    Hyperstar has by far been my most fun “toy” for my Astronomy addiction. I was just getting back into astrophotography after a 15 year hiatus and the immediate first results were spectacular.

    At f/2.0, it is fast! I have been using this Hyperstar on a CPC-1100 Edge HD on the alt/az mount, which limits me to roughly 30s exposures. I have gotten outstanding images with 25-50 subs at 30s each with my Canon 7D and currently a Canon 6D.

    Gorgeous wide field views of The Trifid & Lagoon Nebulae in a single image. The entire Markarian Chain (I’ve counted 100 galaxies in this image). The entire Veil Nebula. The Leo Triplett. Rosette Nebula. And it goes on and on.

    This Starizona Hyperstar Version 3 sells new for about $1000. Mine is in terrific condition and selling for $725. Includes counter weight and Nanak weatherproof storage case.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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