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    Charles Baker

    Had a wonderful night last night at TSP, no clouds, a very slight haze very low in the east, and once above that the sky was beautifully clear and dark. The Milky Way was as brilliant as I’ve ever seen it.

    Afternoons and early evenings there are plenty of TSP talks and events to keep folks busy, and this afternoon by all means folks should catch the sessions that Bill Flanagan is emceeing.

    My thanks to Robert Reeves for a great hands-on class in DSLR astrophotography. My thanks as well to fellow student Kelly Mayfield who showed us both Nebulosity on the Mac, which was great for controlling Canon EOS Cameras from the Mac.

    By the way, the general consensus is that the Prude Ranch food service is setting records for how great the food is this year. The service staff is also just wonderfully pleasant, and seem to really be enjoying taking care of folks, always a smile and a kind word.

    Looking forward to more dark sky goodness tonight! 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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