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    Just picked up a copy of Sky & Telescope’s Sue French’s Deep Sky Wonders. Yes, it is pricy at $39.95, but well worth the money. Superb layout, wonderful astrophotography, and reading about all my favorite objects with Sue is delightful. Treat yourself to a copy for Christmas and let me know your thoughts.

    John Wagoner

    Faith Jordan

    Thanks for the tip, John. I might pick myself up a copy at TSP next year.

    Jason Adamik

    It’s definitely on my to buy list on the Amazon site. I wish Sue and Alan would come back to TSP sometime. The last time I saw them there was sometime in the late 80’s or early 90’s. I really enjoy her column in S&T (I am also a connoisseur of the more obscure DS objects that Sue seems to favor in her columns).


    I spoke with Sue a couple of weeks ago and she definately wants to return to TSP. I quizzed her about the faint objects she observes from the heavily light polluted Northeast, and she sent me a Google Earth photo of her location. She is fairly isolated and has mag 6 skies and still sees the Milky Way.


    John, Adam,

    I was pondering this as a Christmas present for Samantha but I procrastinated too long and they ran out just before the holidays. It’s on my Amazon wishlist now too.

    Somebody has already started creating Deep-Sky Wonders .skylist observing lists for Sky Safari and made them available on the Southern Stars site:

    UPDATE: Amazon has them in stock now…..I just ordered one.


    I received a copy as a Christmas present from my son. I’m looking forward to utilizing it. Our local club’s having a star party next weekend.

    Faith Jordan

    I caved in and bought one from Amazon UK last weekend. It arrived a few days later and looks fantastic.
    Sounds like Sue’s skies are comparable to mine.

    Jason Adamik

    John, Sue has better skies than I thought possible in the northeast. She is lucky. Thanks for the news on them – glad to hear that they are at least keeping TSP in mind for the future. I know Sue would be a very interesting speaker if she would agree to do a presentation.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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